1. Forging a hatchet bowtie/butterfly preform

    Forging a hatchet bowtie/butterfly preform

    This video started out of mystery metal and turned into a battle of wrought iron and shear will... LOL..
  2. J

    Felling Axe, bowtie/butterfly preform.

    Slightly different aspect vs the Hatchet video. Originally started back in 2018 at the last demo of the year. Was a cold miserable day.
  3. J

    Hatchet video series

    So I wanted a new hatchet but started out with some mystery metal that had potential to be wrought iron. It indeed was some wrought iron.. Layered make up of loose wrought iron.
  4. Perryknifeworks

    Just In: TOPS Knives VI Ax Viking Axe Black Linen Micarta (Black) VIAX

    The TOPS Knives VI Ax, short for Viking Ax, was designed by Leo Espinoza. While it has some similarities to actual Viking axes, Leo added his own flair to the design and it became something totally different. The Vi ax is made from one solid piece of 5/16” 1075 steel. This was to provide better...
  5. Perryknifeworks

    TOPS Knives FDX 18 Mini Axe G10 (Black)

    PRODUCT DESCRIPTION TOPS Knives FDX Mini Axe is an extremely compact hatchet/ax that is actually quite strong for it's size. Easy to carry and great for splitting wood for kindling and other small chopping tasks. It's a fun little design that is also good for carving. Overall Length: 7"...
  6. Perryknifeworks

    Spyderco SzaboHawk G10 Hand Axe (Black)

    PRODUCT DESCRIPTION The design skills of martial artist Laci Szabo go far beyond knives, as evidenced by his latest creation, the SzaboHawk. A highly evolved hand axe design, the SzaboHawk is both a devastating close-combat weapon and a superbly functional tool. Its arcing full-tang handle...
  7. A

    A Woodsman's Axe

    Hello all! I wanted to share an axe that I made between yesterday and this morning. It is a wrap and weld construction made from 1/2 x 2 1/12 inch flat bar with a 3/16 x 2 1/2 inch piece of 1095 for the edge. The edge on this one is 5 3/4 inches long, the head is 8 inches long, and the handle...