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    Ganzo knife

    Ganzo Folding Knife see more
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    knife review video

    knife review CIMA Fixed Edge Knife
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    What's your production EDC today?

    What about this:
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    new guy from China

    Welcome my friend, I am from China too. My site:
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    Best greeting from China

    :biggrin:It is also a good city too,right,though I have never been to there. This is my forum:
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    Best greeting from China

    Hi, Yes, Beijing,Hongkong are very famous in China and I am now in Shenzhen. Where do you live?
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    Best greeting from China

    Hi,wow, I am in Shenzhen now,for work. What do you mean this "do you know the guy 房主007?"
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    Best greeting from China

    Yes,thank you so much, you are so nice.
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    Best greeting from China

    Wow,welcome to China again and yes it is a wonderful country. Which city have you ever been? Beijing? Shanghai?
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    Best greeting from China

    Dear all, it is so nice to be here with all you guys. I am from China and give my best greeting to you. I hope that we can play well together. And this is our site to sell knives: And this is our forum,we will offer many promotion and arrival for you...