Hey there! My names Woad and I'm just some random weeb here on the internet. I'm a classically trained woodworker and as of such that's where all of my expertise is at. I've dabbled in knife making before however I'm nowhere near the level of most people on here.

When I'm not in my shop making whatever it is I'm working on I'm either fencing (Ya know with swords in all) or watching massive amounts of anime (I really like anime if you haven't picked up on that yet). You can find me on a few woodworking forums and of course anime ones if you really want to.
Gorgeous Oregon!
Your Favorite Knife Handle Color
Any wooden handle in general.
Custom door maker


“These days, there are angry ghosts all around us. Dead from wars, sickness, starvation, and nobody cares. So you say you're under a curse. So what, so's the whole damn world.” - Bou Jiko (Princess Mononoke)