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    Home stabaliztion questions

    Smithy, The ONLY difference might be the time pulling vacuum and the amount of time soaking. When I teach classes, I always tell folks that if you bring me a telephone pole and a large enough vacuum chamber, I can stabilize it and get complete penetration! A 4x4x4 piece actually should not...
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    Home stabaliztion questions

    Brad, If you follow my recommendations of the oven at 215°F for 24 hours, it will be dry. Forget your moisture meter, even for wood. There is not a moisture meter out there, at least that an average guy can afford, that will measure lower than 6% accurately. Even then, most folks who have...
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    Home stabaliztion questions

    Clifton, Please see my answers to your questions below in red! I hope this helps some! If you still have questions, I am always happy to help any way I can!
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    Stabilizing ?

    AKWildman, I have not had much luck with bark of any kind. If you stop and think about it, the primary purpose of bark on a tree is to protect the wood inside for exterior elements. As a result, I believe it has properties that prevent it from being able to be stabilized well. Think of bark...
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    Home stabaliztion using cactus juice

    It is not a matter of stabilized more than others! All we are doing with stabilizing is filling the empty space in the material with resin, thus reducing moisture absorption and its negative effects. Portions of a material will be more and less dense. Dense material has less empty space in it...
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    Home stabaliztion using cactus juice

    Yes, dying and stabilizing at one time is done all the time. It is as simple as adding dye to the Juice and going to town! I offer Alumilite dyes which I have found to be the best since they are a reactive dye and are pure liquid. This means that nothing you stabilize will "filter out" any...
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    How to make a vacuum chamber?

    You should be fine with your chamber. Remember, to get the best results, you will want to keep your pump running the entire time anyway so if you are maintaining 27" with the pump running, you should be in good shape!
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    cocobolo or rosewood?

    High oil content woods do not stabilize well. If the oil content is high, it will affect the chemistry of the resin. Also, Cocobolo, rosewoods, ironwood, etc are some of the most dense wood. Density equals very little space in the wood to get resin into. I can be done but don't expect to get...
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    Cactus Juice Tips for Best Results

    David, What is your elevation? I looked at an old order of yours on my site and assuming you are still in the same location, it appears your elevation is 407' above sea level. If that is indeed the case, your maximum theoretical vacuum is 29.48" Hg. I would expect you to be able to achieve...
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    Double Dye Process Technique Question

    My preferred method is to SOAK your blanks in your first color. No vacuum at all. You will have to play with the amount of soak time. When you are satisfied, cure your blanks in the oven. After they are cured and cooled down, run them through the vacuum chamber with your second color for the...
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    Cactus Juice Giveaway! - 9 winners - sign up here..

    If you need any help or tips, don't hesitate to give me a call or e-mail! 512-738-0775 or PM/e-mail through here!
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    Cactus juice

    Jim, I am familiar with the GW product but not familiar with their exact formulation. Both their product and Cactus Juice are a methacylate blend. I just took at look at their technical specs and the biggest difference I see is they state a viscosity of 21.5 CPS while Cactus Juice is 5-10...
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    Cactus Juice Giveaway! - 9 winners - sign up here..

    It's a topical rub that makes your wood hard!
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    Cactus Juice Tips for Best Results

    A typical knife block will take a couple of hours until you have the air removed. That is with the pump running the whole time and assumes you dried the wood before hand in an oven as suggested in my directions.
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    Directions for using Cactus Juice

    Teddy, Unfortunately, you will have to remove it through mechanical means. There is no known solvent to remove cured Cactus Juice. I would try a wire wheel in a drill press if you can't sand it off due to shape.