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    How to grind this shape

    two things .....thats a randall not a can grind the swage either on a flat platen or on a wheel .....larger diameter wheel the better.......scribe your center line and grind the same as you would a recurve blade.....freehand grinding is the way i do them
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    I am an idiot!

    I also never peen pins in anything with a flat surface.........just roll them in the epoxy and grind them off smooth.......never had a problem ever.....I do like to peen antler scales with the bark still on but they are epoxied first .....left about 3/32 high and peened to leave a dimpled...
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    Re-handle opinions…

    I agree with above....once the knife is theirs they can do whatever they want with many times have you seen a knife come back for repairs or sharpening that has been neglected or abused.....I don,t think there is any cure for dumb or lazy
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    Bolster pin issues

    I wonder how the bolster would look with a satin/scotchbrite finish........could give that a try before replacing
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    Dagger question

    are you flat or hollow grinding,,,,,,i like hollow grinds on a dagger as the center rib is more pronounced......the smaller diameter wheels give a crisper better look.....seeing you are doing mainly stock removal ......the thicker the steel the better the look....up to 1/4 inch or a little...
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    Flat or Hollow grind

    I also really like the center line on a boot knife or a dagger if it is hollow ground on a small diameter wheel.......
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    Flat or Hollow grind

    I do a lot of hollow grinds on a 20 in wheel so on kitchen and fillet knives they are ground a lot of times from edge to spine an are very close to flat in appearance but finish up for me quite easily
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    Flat or Hollow grind

    Just a little survey.....what type of grind do you prefer and why? I like hollow grinds on most stock removal blades i do because i find them easier to finish/polish on a wheel......I like flat grinds for forged blades and damascus especially to show the pattern best.....I find flat grinds a...
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    Kydex glue

    I got a bunch of kydex a couple of years ago from a plant locally that builds rail cars for the GO TRAIN system in toronto......they line the inside walls with kydex.......the scrap pieces from their cutting room floor are quite 20 by 63 inches on quite a few of them......also i...
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    Belt grinder

    you will not be disappointed with the ameribrade
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    Belt grinder

    I bought 2 ameribrade grinders 2 years ago for my bladesmith school and they have been awesome........i really liked the customer service and the quality of their issues so far with anything......i have 2 burr kings and they were a lot more money at the time.....still running...
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    A new request…

    hey daniel.....i am with you......somebody needs a med rock......really???
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    A new request…

    I have found that ferro rods are quite soft and can be scraped with the edge of my pocket knife with no damage to the edge......also it always amazes me when i watch survival shows and people are chopping away at their ferro rod throwing sparks at their tinder pile.....i always scrape the side...
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    working desert ironwood

    I went out to the shop and put a new 36 grit norzon ceramic belt on and shaped and contoured the handle using light pressure and it worked quite well....i had been trying to profile handle with a used belt and it wasn't working for me so i guess the key is new sharp abrasive with lots of...
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    working desert ironwood

    I haven,t used desert ironwood for a while and i had forgotten how quickly it plugs up the grit on the sanding belts........any suggestions on shaping handles from this is even plugging the teeth on my coarse files.......????