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    Holster/sheath rig

    Just awesome Dennis!
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    Newest puukko projects

    Love Puukko's! Are you making your own sheaths too? They look great as well.
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    Budget belt grinder

    Good first knife! Keep it and a look at it a year or two from now and see how far you've come! Two other quick tidbits I learned... on a full scale (non bolster) handle, I try to get the front face surfaces shaped and finish sanded before mounting so that I can avoid sanding close to the blade...
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    Wolverine with stabilised birch burl on handle

    There is a link to their website at the bottom of the original post, (which was from 2016).
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    Handles coming apart

    My thoughts... 1. Yes, you should clamp, just not so tight that you squeeze all the glue out. Leave some in there to fill the gaps or any imperceptible warp. Maybe use spring clamps instead if screw clamps. 2. Overheating? Maybe... I have accidentally softened mosaic pins and spilled their guts...
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    Answered my own question. "Storage/Shelf Life Store at room temperature. Keep containers sealed when not in use to prevent contamination. With proper storage, resin and hardener should remain usable for several years" I also noticed...
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    Anybody know what the shelf life is on G-Flex? I have some that's been open for at least 2 years and last time I used it was about 6 months ago...
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    Looking for fireman's mosaic pin

    I just happened across this person in another FB group. Might have something, or be able to make custom:
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    Future of Knifecraft

    Sorry, I may have derailed it. OP asked what the future of Knifecraft might be... hmm.
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    Future of Knifecraft

    I guess that works... it is true and honest. But still seems like you're getting shortchanged or not giving yourself enough credit if you are creatively combining and shaping handle materials and making creatively decorated sheaths from scratch. Knife Assembler sounds kinda like you work at the...
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    Future of Knifecraft

    Not sure what you mean by "the Scandinavian thing"... Those of us (OK me anyway) who buy blade blanks and put handles on them are at a loss for what to call ourselves without implying that we are doing it all from scratch. Knife-builders? Knife-handlers? (too awkward) I'm proud of what I do and...
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    Randy Lucius Knife Picture Thread

    If I could make knives like those, I'd have a house full of knives because I'd never be able to part with one. Love them all!
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    Rosewood and curly maple

    What are the dimensions?
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    More Money Than Sense.

    Had to google this... It's a whole other world.
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    metallurgical lab exam of samurai sword

    The original post was from 2018, so looks like maybe the link is dead.