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    Merry Christmas 2020!

    Merry Christmas Ed and all have a blessed Holiday.
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    Today's EDC

    Just got one a couple of days ago and it for sure going to be my EDC.
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    My really big day

    Great Job Jason! Really like your website.
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    **** 3rd Annual KnifeDogs Mith Giveaway ****

    Randy, Pakage arrived today it perfect, mine is going out today. Thanks Tim
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    I Might be away for a while

    Prayers to you and your family. Tim
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    **** 3rd Annual KnifeDogs Mith Giveaway ****

    I'm in I've got lots of stuff! Only ment to do it once?
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    **** 3rd Annual KnifeDogs Mith Giveaway ****

    I'm in I got lots of stuff!
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    Happy Happy have a great B Day!!!
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    Prayer request

    Prayers on the way.
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    Due to a series of unfortunate events

    All the best to you and yours these are tough times.
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    taft pierce surface grinder

    Interesting looking grinder I wonder if you can convert it to a belt? I couldn't believe the difference in performance with a belt vs a stone.
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    New son is here

    Congrartulations any pictures from the proud papa!
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    Blade-smiths around Fresno/visalia area?

    ABS mastersmith Mike Vagnino lives in Visalia his web site is
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    Forged Hammer Poll bearded Axe (pics)

    Thanks for the toutorials it great to see the way it use to be I spent some time at an historical park in the area working with the smith and enjoyed ever minute.