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    Latest medical update

    Prayers coming your way.
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    Latest medical update

    God is good, great to here your improving and let me know about the billets pretty sure I'll want one.
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    Coot Grinder, Treadle Hammer & Mini Air Press

    Guys, We are moving and need to lighten the load I have a home made treadle hammer and Mini Air Press up for sale. Sold for the Hammer and Sold for the Press needs to be local pick up I'm in Los Gatos CA PM me if you are interested. Tim
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    Today's EDC

    Just got one a couple of days ago and it for sure going to be my EDC.
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    Call for donations to benefit american valor outdoors raffle

    Wow the wife will be happy !!!
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    My really big day

    Great Job Jason! Really like your website.