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    How to report a spam message without opening the message??

    I got the same message! I didn't open it.
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    Slimline Trapper

    Excellent! Great job Craig!
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    Lanny’s Clip with jigged bone

    Another beauty Craig!
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    Lockback with jigged bone

    Great looking knife all the way around Craig! Congrats!
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    Mammoth Ivory Wharncliffe Trapper

    Another beauty Craig!
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    some recent artwork

    Very nice work Travis!
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    3 5/8 Swayback with stag

    Great job Craig! Another beauty!
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    Little black swayback

    Very cool little swayback Craig! Nice job!
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    Happy Birthday..Johnny Roberts

    Happy Birthday Johnny!
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    Barlow with amber bone

    Another great looking knife Craig!
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    Surface Grinder Conversion

    Josh I have no idea at all on this one! Wish I could help but maybe someone else has some insight on this.
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    Trapper with smooth amber bone

    Great looking knife Craig!
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    Surface Grinder Conversion

    I believe that mine is 1 1/2 HP. It's 3 phase, I'm using a VFD and running it on 220 single phase.
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    Surface Grinder Conversion

    CW, I don't know. Time will tell. I'm not positive but I believe I got this idea from one of Brian Fellhoelter's posts on this forum. Sounded like a good idea to me so I went with it. It can't hurt, it may help and the extra cost is minimal.
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    Surface Grinder Conversion

    Thanks guys! Travis, you put it on the list and I'll work on actually trying to make a knife as great looking as one of yours. Calvin, I split 2" belts with Tracy's handy belt splitter.