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    My Collection

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    Old Knife

    I have just been given my great, great grand fathers knife. It was a two blade with one being a lock blade, the smaller slip joint blade has been broken off many years. It is tang stamped WHOSENHOME SUPERIOR CUTLERY. It might be W H Osenhome but there are not periods or spacing and all are in...
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    Rumble Fish

    Nice and clean, looks like a work horse.
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    THE Viking

    Very nice.
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    My humble little hatchets...

    Nice clean lines, I like.
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    More Huntsman axes finished!

    Good looking axes.
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    first shot at a camping Hatchet

    Nice looking all around.
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    gunstock club

    Nice work.
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    Very nice.
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    Frontier Hawk

    looks like it will do the job and come back for more.
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    Bit of franciscan ish

    Very nice looking and smooth flow.