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    Rasp Knife with a Elk Horn Handle

    That's a pretty knife. Antler and brass look good together.
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    Finally, Some Heat!

    A woodstove can consume space, I took mine out this year. I've been thinking about one of the smaller Nordic stoves but I can't tell what kind of exhaust they put out.
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    Desert Ironwood Hunter

    Very nice.
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    What's going on in your shop?

    Those stones are something I was wondering about, too - if something like that even existed. I had no idea how to search online for them. Thanks for showing that.
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    My biggest challenge yet

    Looks like fun, Gene. I could see how it would carry challenges but also how it could turn out to be a beautiful piece.
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    1084 Red Liner Details

    I'm not getting my knife terminology right, but that little gemmed part on the finger guard is really nice. I think you've got a good eye for design.
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    Post here for design critique.

    I want to finish that knife to the dimensions I drew out on it. I'm not sure on the transition from the finger guard, to the ricasso yet, either.
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    Post here for design critique.

    That's a good idea Casey. I can see myself doing that soon. I think a combination of John Doyle's advice on drawings and what you did will help me design a better knife. Daniel, I'm glad people advised a narrower tip. I have found a blunt tip frustrating trying to open a belly. I could see the...
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    80CrV2 and wood charcoal...what was I thinking?

    I ordered some 1075 from Admiral. Shipping wasn't bad. I'm not sure if that's going to change with 60" barstock. I'll see what happens when they get the order in the morning. I'll have to watch the budget for awhile, but will check out Kevin Cashen's videos sometime soon. I can't tell if 1080...
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    80CrV2 and wood charcoal...what was I thinking?

    Soaking killed me. Of the steels mentioned above, for now I'm going to look for a steel I don't need to soak to thermal cycle and aus. I got online tonight to research that. It would be good to be able to fall back on wood if I need to. Propane is not available right now like I thought. I wanted...
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    80CrV2 and wood charcoal...what was I thinking?

    Thanks everyone. I'll rethink my steel choice. I've got some other questions about grainsize that I should let simmer a little longer. But generally, is coarse or questionable grain due to improper soaking at thermal cycle and austenitizing temps?
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    80CrV2 and wood charcoal...what was I thinking?

    That sounds really good. Especially the last line about 5160 being good if that was all that was available. I also noticed once the thermocouple wasn't giving me the right temp, I did have to default to eyeball. And if that's the case I can't even guarantee my thermal cycles. Maybe a few...
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    80CrV2 and wood charcoal...what was I thinking?

    I think you're right Chris: heat is heat. I think that applies to what Kevin said that charcoal "done right" puts out "a very hot even flame that is clean". And I think that's why I wanted to give it a shot. My last two test strips I ignored the thermocouple and used a magnet without removing...
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    80CrV2 and wood charcoal...what was I thinking?

    I've been collecting info on 5160, 1084, 9260, and 1095 (but I don't see me holding 1095 at temp). I'll look up HT info for 1075 and 1080. I was working in a 2/3 barrel woodstove (outside). The coals looked good and I wanted to control draft with the damper. A proper coal forge isn't too far...
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    80CrV2 and wood charcoal...what was I thinking?

    I think I mistook 80CrV2 for a simple steel b/c it was said to be similar to 5160. I was about to make an order for 5160 when I learned about this steel and thought I was getting a better deal for the same price, so to speak - a tougher steel but still easy to learn.