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    What's going on in your shop?

    Ed Caffery's sanding sticks get my vote too. I forgot I had one, and was just working on some scratches like that. I was trying different ways to get them out without hitting the spine (again) and I remembered I had one. It helped me get them out pretty quick and it was easy to put the sandpaper...
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    Grinding advice? I'd like to save this one

    I appreciate the advice from the perspective of using a 2x72. I don't have one but I can improvise from that perspective. That was what I needed. I switched from my bench grinder to my angle grinder (6"-4 1/2") and that gave me more control. Then I used good sandpaper to clean all of that up...
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    Grinding advice? I'd like to save this one

    Yeah I did think a full distal meant from butt to tip. Thanks for clarifying that for me. I began to dig out that divot I see people do on distal tapers but quit trying. I was worried about ruining the handle profile, which is also already getting pretty narrow. Thanks for explaining how to do...
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    Grinding advice? I'd like to save this one

    sorry folks.... I should have clarified This blade has already been heat treated and I'm finishing it. It's 80CRV2. The edge is close to sharpened.
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    What's going on in your shop?

    Looks good Sean. I also just got some back from heat treat. Mine are pointy, too. I really like a low clip for some reason. Except for the second one, these are the 80CRV2 blades I was trying to HT myself earlier. The first is one I posted about awhile back that I thought may have been forged at...
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    Grinding advice? I'd like to save this one

    My plunges were uneven and I got too thin while working on blending the plunges out. I'd like to save the knife even if it ends up thin - but I don't think I have many chances left so I thought I should seek advice. I was thinking to one, either grind for a tapered tang which I started half...
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    1075 Hamon

    I'm thinking of trying it, too. I have some other blades back from ht I want to finish first. But I definitely want to play around with some sick hamons. Theres a good WIP on the forums, but require some final finish stuff I don't know about.
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    My biggest challenge yet. Now a WIP

    yeah.. or maybe now you might need a walk in the park.....:) looks awesome
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    My biggest challenge yet. Now a WIP

    I know a lot of work went into that - you made it look like a walk in the park. Very, Very nice Gene
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    Kerry camp knife

    beautiful knife, Jess; the skinner you posted earlier as well.
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    Got the Itch, Need some guidance on what to acquire

    I could go long on my start up experience. I'm in the starting up phase still. If I had to start up again with 3K? I'm not sure but right now I've learned good temp control and efficient stock removal (to learn symmetry) are important. If I was starting up over again I think I'd diligently...
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    Work in batches

    Thanks Justin - timely advice. I have four back from HT. I go back and forth on sticking with one or working on all four at the same time.
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    Shipping for steel

    Alpha knife put 11.5 inch bars in a priority envelope for me. (Not sure, but I think it was a flat rate envelope). I haven't bought steel from usaknifemaker yet, but I wouldn't hesitate to ask them if I were to.
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    Knife Steel Nerd - AEBL testing

    Looks like another good, informative site.
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    any failed wooden bolsters?

    I used black palm for bolsters on a knife handle I repaired. I used light brown/white antler material with white liners and nickel silver pins and it turned out really nice. It seems like that's backwards - since the antler is harder it should probably be in front. But I liked the way it looked...