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    Need a Sword can/walking stick

    No, I have not checked yet. But I still want one o_O
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    Need a Sword can/walking stick

    I haven't been around in a looooog time, but at one time I planned on making knives. Nowadays I could really use a cane as a walking aid. So I thought....a sword cane. Anyone got one for sale? Must be usable ...made or ready very soon. I am also looking for someone to put together blades (all...
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    first habaki soldering help ?

    Yes. I would use 'Tix". you can get it from Make sure you get the right flux to use with it. Additionally when it comes soldering anything---clenliness is next to godlyness. Clean with denatured alchol. Make sure the parts fit together perfectly. If you are around Cincinnati...
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    first habaki soldering help ?

    I would strongly advise against using that solder as the flow temperature (1350 degrees f) is very high. There is a good chance that it will harm the blade. Rather, use a low temp solder like 'Tix' or 'Stay-bright' which flow at about 400 degrees. In addition, you will need a torch setup capable...
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    My Buyer Bailed

    That's a really nice knife. PM me with the balance due if you want to sell it for that amt. Paypal ready...
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    You can find any and all accessories for a dremel or flex-shaft at The shank sizes come in 1/8" or/and 5/32". Make sure you get the right one for your machine.
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    Questions on soldering/brazing rig

    I haven't been around in a long time, but I still lurk...:). For me, the best setup for soldering guards is a acetylene/air , one tank rig like a Pres-to-lite. It does not use bottled oxygen, only acetylene. The cylinder is refillable at any welding gas shop. A benefit of this system is that it...
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    Parks 50

    If you are close to Cincinnati, I have about 3 gallons to get rid of. NO SHIPPING. I tried that once and all I got was a message that the oil had leaked, no pictures, and NO TRADE GOODS. Not even a thank you.
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    Going in for repairs

    Ray, no cancer is GREAT news. Now on to fixing that shoulder. Looks like God has you under his wing. Keep the faith and the faith will keep you. And thank you guys for your prayers and support for me. They have meant a lot to me.
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    Getting rid of steel and supplies

    I will be setting up at the "National Muzzle Loaders Rifle shoot" in Friendship, In. This weekend (June 10 thru the 13). I will be selling all my steel, ivory, stag, and wood supplies, and tools. Bruce Bump file guide, and other jigs. Everything will go. I have annealed D2, 1095,1084, and other...
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    Going in for repairs

    I'm sending special prayers for your lung issue...and some normal prayers for your other issues. It's scary. Stay strong and keep your faith. God will provide... I know it's scary because I have recently gone through finding out that I have stage 4 lung cancer and have an operation scheduled...
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    Questions on a jewelers saw??

    Jeweler's saw blades come in sizes from 10 (largest) to 10/0 (thinnest). The correct saw blade to use measures 3 teeth for the size of the metal to be cut. Different sizes for different gauges of metal. Don't try to cut hardened steel...unless you have a million saw blades and handle frustration...
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    What's ahead of you....

    Guys, thanks for all the good thoughts. I really appreciate them.
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    What's ahead of you....

    Hey Mark...I will be setting up in the primitive mkt. during the spring shoot and fall shoots.. I plan on selling the rest of my steel and supplies as there are always plenty of good knife-makers. I will have ivory, stag, wood and leather for sale. Stop by and say hello.
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    What's ahead of you....

    I have been around for a while. I have been a goldsmith for 40 years. I have just been diagnosed with lung cancer. WHY...because I have been too stupid to wear a dusk mask. I am in Cincinnati, Oh. I have a lot of steel and accessories. I don't want to ship. If you are near Cincy, Oh and can...