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    Blown VFD

    can you post some pics of the enclosure your going to make
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    Prayers for my wife as she battles cancer

    Prayers for you and your wife.
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    This one might have been a little ambitious

    I agree it will just make you better
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    Where To Get New Logo And Stencils

    Ernie I ordered some stencils from him in 2009 I still have them and they are fine
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    Kydex sheet thickness?

    I used to use .060 but have switched to .080 because i have had some of the .060 crack where the kydex flexes over time.
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    I have had a personalizer for years. I couldnt tell you about the plus I couldnt afford that one when I bought mine. My personalizer works just fine for me.
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    New Grinder build. help?

    So if I do 120 HZ I should get 3600 rpm right
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    New Grinder build. help?

    Im still a little ways off on wiring it up lol just trying to ask questions while I'm thinking about them.
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    New Grinder build. help?

    So what happens if i set it to max 599mhz lol
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    vfd and motor ?

    Ok guys I have my VFD and motor and am starting a new grinder build can someone point me to a place to buy a remote on of switch and a potentiometer knob so i can have it at the grinder and mount the VFD farther away.
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    New Grinder build. help?

    OK I was under the impression that you had to wire it differently
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    New Grinder build. help?

    Can someone point me to the info to double the speed with a VFD?
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    New Grinder build. help?

    I bought the motor and drive as a package and the motor was advertised at 1800 rpm when I received it it was 1725 rpm should I say anything to the vendor?
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    New Grinder build. help?

    Well I got my vfd, motor , my drive wheel & tracking wheel in on Monday I also went to the metal shop and bought my metal to build the grinder with.