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    Here's Some Pics' of my Chainsaw Bar Knife.

    Nice one mate Good job
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    Fresh take on a simple grinder

    Good one nice to see a complete shop
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    You dont know CRAP!

    Hahahaha Great one brother , you know I work with lots of "Artists" who do not belive and yet the critisize us with no knowledge of the Bible as they fear it
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    One of those unexpected requests!!!

    Sorry to ear that ,God bless your family
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    You guys that make knives full time..What did you do in a previous profession?

    Hi everyone!! I still on my old job beside knifemaking ,I give myself a year and if God see good to bless it my plan is to start a knife shop with sharpening service (rather common here in Spain) and use part of the workshop to build my own knifes so I can sell Opinel, Moras etc etc to those...
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    The Strauss Pirate 36 caliber

    :35: Congrats well done
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    Falcon neck knife

    Nice one nice presentation
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    Been Busy for a while, missed you guys. Here is why.

    May the Lord bless you and you wife with the strength to overcome such a difficult time and bring upon you His healing power in order to restore her health and fulfill you lives with joy. God bless
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    Ranger Knife

    Nice one thanks for sharing
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    Birch Hunter

    Nice one :35:
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    How good can it be

    You see somehow here in Spain there are some knife makers that all they do is buy blanks from Pakistan/India/China ready sharp add a fancy handle and etched and sell it as if was a real creation , and this to me is not professional, it may be just my opinion and forgive me if I am wrong, but I...
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    How good can it be

    Thank you sir for you advice I will contact them on monday
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    How good can it be

    I have found a company that will cut the steel the way I want it ,so if I give them the design (or more than one) they will make the blank(s) for me ,and also after that they can do the HT too now I wonder if I am doing good ,for one side is not really handmade knife and for the other side of...
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    My first knife

    Finger grinding is the new wave in Holywood you must whatch "Finger Short 2 (the new belt)" :3:The knife is great and you must consider youself fortunate to have a mentor not all of us had the same chance
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    Paul Beebe sheath tutorial: GREAT!!

    thank you brother very useful