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  • Mr. Dark,

    I was referred to you by Doug Adams here on the site in response to my post looking for local knife makers. I would be interested in purchasing a nice fixed blade "camp or trail knife" for lack of the correct terminology for such a knife. I need a strong utility knife for heavier cutting and chopping in a camping situation. I would also love to see your workshop and would also be interested in participating in the manufacture of my knife just so that I could say to myself "I had a hand in making this" each time I hold it or use it. I can be reached at and I look forward to your reply. Thank you for your time.


    William "Butch" Kreh

    For some reason, I just noticed that I had your message. Yes, I will be at Blade, but I won't have a table. I'll stop by to see you...... Robert
    Will you be at the Blade show? If so, I'd like to meet you, time permitting. Your work is most exceptional! This will be my 12th year exhibiting. Best wishes in all your endeavours! -Paul Granger
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