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    Man I am getting tired of this!!!

    The good news for many of you is that you HAVE been notified! :what!: The rest of us *think* we are safe... I've spent this weekend working a Virus / Trojan attack on a company with 300 staff that have been basically idled since Tuesday ... they may be operational by the end of next week...
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    Martin QSB 3.25 San Mai Blade

    Quite Eye Popping! Clearly a "Elegant Event" folder for those upper crust occasions! I'm a big fan of Flippers with dual thumb studs, but I would be pleased to have this in my collection! To me, that's a great vibrant work of art! Kudos Peter!
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    Teardrop Jack

    Great wharncliffe blade! I'm a sucker for the "wharnies" and this one looks pretty classic and clean. Well Done!
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    New SPAM attack style

    If you are having issues with your account getting compromised, you may want to try this FREE password manager - I just ponied up the $$$ for the paid version, a whole $12/year, because I have been using LastPass for 6+ years and it's great for managing the many password accounts I...
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    Very Clean looking Beast you have created! Nicely done...
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    A unique WIP

    Had me holding my breath after you stated you were going to PIN the Black Mother of Pearl... Amazing job. Amazing display of courage PINNING the BMP... :D Well Done Sir!, Well Done.
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    Need opinions!!! Does this look weird or is it ok?

    I like it - I assembled a kit knife and did very similar scales... and I *like* it! Not sure I would go Orange/Black, but oddly the Red/Black combo or the Blue/Black has always been acceptable. If the client wants an easy to find knife, I believe you HAVE hit the mark! When it turns out to fit...