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    How to get a nice butt?

    Here's an article by Andy Roy ( Fiddleback Forge) about handle shaping. Take notice of his "poop rule", which applies to this.
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    Oak as a knife handle unpopular?

    Ahhmm...did anyone else read this and laugh?:cool:
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    This metal is hard!

    Perhaps the steel is work hardening on your band saw as you cut it. What blade are you using, and what steel?
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    "Markers" for the shop

    I have used these for several years. Similar to the Pica, it appears. These are...
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    Big surprise today

    Well done Gene. Congratulations.
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    Ya know what grinds my gears?

    That's why I keep a few carbide drill bits on hand.
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    GKimmi's 2020 KITH

    Best wishes for your surgery and recovery Gene. Hope it doesn't slow you down for long. Both those drawings look great but I have to ask, what are museum fit scales?
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    Got my KITH knife from scherf68!

    I received a box from scherf68 today and wow! He tells me he's only been making knives for six months or so, but he is way ahead of where I was at that point. Great belt knife with a 4" blade. FFG with a swedge. Nicely done hand sanded finish. Perfectly matched grind. The sheath is very nice as...
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    Eyed Crushed W's Hunter

    That's fantastic. Love the bolster dovetailing.
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    What's going on in your shop?

    That's a great looking folder John! Couple questions: How was the inscription on the scales done? How did you temper the AEB-L spring? Thank you.
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    Controls on H/T ovens

    Two years ago I bought an Evenheat with a TAP controller. I have used it to do various type of stainless as well as carbon steels. The TAP controller is very easy and intuitive to use and it's simple to modify any protocol on the fly. For me it was a case of "buy once, cry once" and well worth it.
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    Stained knife liner tips?

    It appears to be the wood dust getting picked up into the G-10. I frequently have the same problem using white G-10 liners with desert ironwood scales. Once in a while acetone will take it out, otherwise I sand carefully to a much higher grit.
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    Well, I Messed Up

    First time doing that out of a hundred blades?? Damn you're good!
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    My First Knife Photo

    That's a nice design, and very well executed! And yes, a picture will show up boo-boos that your admiring eyes never saw.
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    Scherf68 KITH for OWL

    That is a beauty! You did a great job! Can't wait to check it out! As far as I know however, the KITH knives are to be shipped by something like Dec 10.