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    latest razor

    Hey Gent's, The is where I have done the learning about straights and shave with them and Hone my own, it is amazing that a Keen edge on a razor with a proper stropping and lathered up face, you will rarely get a cut if you pay attention and the shave is amazing and close...
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    Help with old razor

    Great job Wildman, I like the pipe razor, many others do too. Straight razor is full of info on straight shaving DeMo, I shave straight and hone my own, haven't made a razor yet but considering building the grinder for such. What is your favorite finishing Hone for razors Wildman? I...
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    Persian Kard...

    Superb Mr. Doyle, something about the knife says Khyber pass Afghanistan to me, Really like the stickery style.
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    New Girl, Danae from Aus.

    Very Nice work young lady, Welcome to the pack. Let's talk engraving some time, I have been doing it over 40 years.
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    Has anybody noticed the balisong market latley?

    Boss Dog covered the whole on Balisong, well said. Now I go to the safe and get some out.:biggrin:
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    Is brass outdated?

    I cast all my Brass and it works where it is needed and preferred, like is said, on a Bowie with Horn.
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    Where can I get ostrich toes?

    Try Emu, aren't their toes about the same? seems to be More Emu farms around. OR, try to find some sellers of Ostrich parts on the net? Good luck anyway.
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    In the pile

    Those are excellent, the hamon on the W2's set them off nicely, glad to see you making again.
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    San Mai Recurve Hunter

    You sure Nailed that knife in every way, Perfect.
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    WTB or trad for leather strips

    Chrome tanned Horse leather makes the best strop, next to elephant.
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    shop uses for these motors?

    Trading stock? Put them on Ebay, industrial section?
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    Pics of my shop

    Looks Great!! Organizing and floor paint sure makes them take on a Pro look, hey, eye appeal is what sells knives...
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    Meteorite and musk ox! What a great combination!!

    Superb all the way around.
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    KD keychains with Soda Pop Opener - Amaze your Friends and Family

    Hmm, well, I better get one of those, do they come with your very first order in USA KNIFEMAKERS ?? Kidding.
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    Guess I can finally post in here now

    Dang Dandy, they don't come any nicer than that do they?