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    Gun Powder Therapy :)

    Just picked up this 39A golden Mountie. Haven had a chance to shoot it yet.
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    I may actually shed a tear...

    Always a good day when all the decisions have posit consequences.
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    8670 steel

    From Alpha Knife Supply This steel is used extensively in the lumber industry for making large circular saw blades. The nickel add toughness and there is enough carbon for good edge holding. There is not enough nickel to make a good shiny layer in damascus. Think of 8670 as an improved version...
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    Howdy from SC

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    The Edge of Darkness.

    Explain this one to me.
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    I’d run

    Well the good news is they probably don’t make thongs in that size!! ;)
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    Mark Barone is a fine fellow and gentleman knife maker. Thanks for all you do to help keep this great forum interesting.
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    Wait until the build ends to sharpen!

    Ok, so NORMALLY I wait until all the fit and finish is done before I sharpen a knife. Yesterday, for some reason, I decided to sharpen that Bowie I'm building with still more work to do around the guard/handle. I probably do as a lot of you guys do - put a light coat of oil on the blade, wrap...
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    My current problem

    I don't know what white paper steel is.
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    Over the shoulder carry.

    I wonder what he is going to ask Santa for this coming Christmas !! Bahaahaa
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    My current problem

    Can you tell us a little more about it? What steel's were used. I do a lot of grinding post heat treat and I haven't had that particular problem. The blade thickness is over 1/8" so if it was tempered at 400 degrees I wouldn't think there would be much flexibility.
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    13" Bowie

    This one is about 90% complete.
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    Finished Oak handled Damascus Utility

    Nice work all around!