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    Sean's KITH 2020 for Heikki -dropping out of KITH

    Prayers for both of you.
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    Hello from Indiana

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    Where is Opaul?

    Hey guys!! Sorry about being absent. There were/are a few family events that have taken my time recently. My younger brother suffered two heart attacks (one at the hospital). He is on the way to recovery but it was sketchy for about four weeks. I appreciate you guys thinking about me! I’ll be...
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    Short Bowie progress

    Glad to see you back in the shop! Nice blade!
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    KITH 2020 SIGN UP

    If there is anyway I can help let me know. This is a great forum and the guys are always willing to lend advise.
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    KITH 2020 SIGN UP

    Please don't think I was being critical! But your response shows you have a great sense of humor!
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    KITH 2020 SIGN UP

    Lot of knife for that thickness;)
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    Finishing Canvas Micarta

    This is just my opinion but it you start out at say 120 and go to 220 or 320 and quit, there are going to be parts of the micarta that is not finished looking, and splotchy looking, at least to me. I had never thought about bead blasting but that would certainly leave a uniform finish. I...
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    A thank you

    Thank you for your input and contributions!
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    Hello from Missouri

    Welcome from NC.
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    OPauls Knife Picture Thread

    Not yet. Dennis suggested snake wood but I don’t have any on hand. Thanks.
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    Hi from Washington state

    Propane!? ;). welcome.