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    Gun-Sav'r finish

    Here is a product some of you guys may have a use for, you can get it at Brownells it is Gun-sav'r gunstock finish. I have used it on a wood japanese sword case and the walnut scales on a folder, am very pleased with the results. Comes in spray can will run and tends to build up around holes and...
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    super glue

    Loctite makes a clean up solvent X-NMS don't know if it will work on fully set super glue, is also expensive, works well for clean up.
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    Big Bowie Sheath Finished

    Great job Paul. Deane
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    Knife Polish

    I would give some a try, I take knives swords and gun's to 2000 and 5000 grit and have a dry compound that I mix with with water and use on a piece of damp levi to give it a final polish, I do all this by hand, always looking for something better. E-mail me and I will send you some pictures of...
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    Bowie Request

    Here is on I made not to long ago, the blade is 9 3/4" 15" overall the handle is from a 100 year old cutlery set, is a little different bowie style I call it a mountain man knife.
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    Bowie Request

    The first three are full tang the last two are framed handles, the first three are from the same pattern, called a Texas bowie if you would like the pattern I would send you one. Deane
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    Merry Christmas

    Keven, you asked about an engraving setup, my brother has a graver miser he would sell he is asking $750.00 for it, E-mail me if you have an intrust in it. Merry Christmas Deane
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    Bowie Request

    Here are some I have made in the past Bowie style.
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    Entry-level Graver

    Hi Kevin, my brother has a working graver miser he would sell, not sure what goes with it asking $ 750.00 for it, they make a little noise but guys are still using them, if interested let me know. Deane
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    Any hints on sanding 440C

    Dennis, I started making 440 C & ATS 34 knives 25 years ago, I was taught to rough them out and heat treat but you are dealing with that hardend steel. I rgind to 220 and hand stone with 220 finish every thing then heat treat, start with 320 stone then 400 stone then finish with 400 sand paper...
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    Samurai Handle Wrap

    I see this is an old post if you have not found any wrap try Fred Lohman in Portland OR.
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    Bob Engnath Blanks (Japanese)

    Do you think they are 440 C ? how thick are they,could you send a picture, they are probably heat treated, are they straight. I redo samria's of and on just thought I mite be able to finish these up, may be should stop thinking. Thanks Deane
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    Bob Engnath Blanks (Japanese)

    Do you still have the Engnath blanks? I bought his blanks when I first started messing with knives, may like to have them, give me a price. Thanks Deane
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    Three new knives.

    Kevin, my knives are signed D Sweet with a pantograph, 20 some years ago I used a etcher with just Sweet. Thanks for your comments. Deane
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    Handle wrap

    I have a wakizashi handle I need wrapped, it is 4" long the ray skin is fine done in black, have the menuki let me know if you do this. Thanks Deane