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    Spear point bushcrafter.

    RWL34,4mm thick. Flat grind with secondary edge, black G10, stainless corby bolts and tube. Blade 11cm, handle 12.5cm. Leather sheath is made with ability to wear the knife for left-handed user - just flip the knife like a dagger. Custom order.
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    5 inch drop point

    Thank you. :) Material is like CPM 154 CM. It is little expensive over here too, but it gives butter-like polish.
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    5 inch drop point

    RWL34 - 5mm, flat grind, mirror polished with checkering on the spine for thumb push. Desert ironwood handle, stainless corby bolts and lanyard tube. Leather sheath with stamped wolf.
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    Red hot chili peppers

    Skining knives. Steel - N690, red micarta and stainless corby bolts. Leather sheats. Customer order.
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    Bushcraft Knife II

    I like that handle design. Pinch grip relief on the front is nice touch.
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    My "George"skinner

    Nice! Leatherwork rocks too.
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    My drop point hunter model and leather sheath for shovel.

    Two things from me: Sheath for Cold Steel shovel: Brown leather, hand stitched. And my hunter model: Mirror polished RWL34 -4mm thickness, black linen micarta with stainless corby bolts and tube and leather sheath with fire starter loop. Finishing:
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    My recent summer work.

    Thanks, glad you liked it.
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    My recent summer work.

    Nessmuk I finished today - steel is 5.5mm 65G - spring steel, maple handle. Blade is convex grind and etched. Chef knife - steel is french grade T5MOV stainless, polished, than hand-rub to 600 sandpaper. Handle is white corian and stainless corbys. Bushcrafter in german grade O2 steel in...
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    Clip-Point Hunter

    Wonderfull knife.
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    I call it the stealth

    A nice bushcrafter. I like the black pins on the handle, finish on the blade too.
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    Orange NeverLost EDC

    Thank you all. I am very glad that you liked it.
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    Orange NeverLost EDC

    K110 steel, orange G10 and kydex. blade is 8.5cm. Fixed blade EDC.
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    Lock Back Lanny's Clip

    Like a jewel. Both of them - knife and sheath.