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    Several months ago while talking with Chris Taylor of “Taylor Made Knives”, I commented that I thought his little “Nessie” folder would made for a nice pocket fixed blade. Chris paraphrased his favorite Nike commercial and said, “Do it!”. I did.... (he’s now offering a similar model)...
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    “MurAus” DIWB

    Last year while hanging out with my buddy Joel Austin at his shop I sketched out the pattern for this blade with Joel’s input. when it came time to name it, we decided to keep it simple. Differentially heat treated 1095 (unetched) Desert Ironwood Burl over orange G10 liners Mosaic Pin/Copper...
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    Quench tank

    if you’re not overheating and allowing your oil to “flash” (catch fire), a 5 gallon bucket should last you damn near forever. once per year or so, I’ll pour my Parks 50 through a filter to clean out all of the sediment from clayed blades.
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    Tempering equipment question

    I use a shallow pan with a piece of soft fire brick that I’ve cut slots into to hold my blades an additional thermometer inside the oven to verify temp.
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    Fruitful Day

    Thanks guys. Got a lot of irons in the fire getting ready for the Arkansas Show next weekend in Little Rock. Trying to decide what to take. This is what all I’ve started. Plan to narrow it down to probably sixteen knives. Finished cleaning up those six at the grinder yesterday and four more of...
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    Fruitful Day

    I woke up on the couch last night around midnight and lounged around watching tv for a bit. Then the I hit the shop around 0330 with a plate of W2, my Pocket-Muk pattern and my custom Jeff Pearce carbide scribe. A couple of hours later I had six blanks cut, drilled and profiled before breakfast...
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    Handle question

    A pic would help us to better understand You exact issue.
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    Bolo knife

    Yes there is a top edge but it wasn’t sharp
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    Full Face respirators for beards

    Full face works with my beard. I really dislike wearing my contact lenses in the shop though, so most always wear my glasses and half face respirator.
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    Tactical or Non-tactical?

    Precisely my point. I’ve been ”down range” a few times. There’s a huge difference between “Tactical” and “Tactical-cool”. To be “Tactical” it must first be Practical for its intended application, it must be safe for the user to wield and should be comfortable for the user. 90° angles and hot...
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    Tactical or Non-tactical?

    The “Tactical Knife” didn’t really come to fruition til around 9/11. With the surge on military activity and beginning resurgence of popularity in quality knives, every soldier (including myself) wanted a great knife to carry into combat. Back then, I thought I knew how to design a knife and...
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    One of “those” purchases...

    Yes, a steel wire brush. I buy stone dresser and brushes at Harbor Freight. The dresser and pkg of two brushes is $20 or less.
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    One of “those” purchases...

    Boss, I’ve found that using a stone dresser and then running a steel brush across the belt will return them to dang near new cutting potential.
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    Combat abrasives?

    Ed, what is your opinion of the Klingspore CS 912s? I’ve been using their 50 and 80 grit belts for post heat treat grinding and really like them.
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    Makers Mark Decal service?

    A lot of guys use Ernie and I’m told he does great work. The design I wanted to use, he said couldn’t be done and I was later introduced to TUS who squared me away extremely well.