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    Substitute for a Rotary Platen?`

    My wife is beginning to believe that I'm not making knives, just shopping for new tools. Well, that issue came up again while I was considering buying a rotary platen attachment for the 2x72. I see the purpose and have read a bunch of reviews that confirm their usefulness. So, this afternoon...
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    Stunning, classic design. What grade of stainless did you use?
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    Can it be too tight.

    A while back I asked a similar question in this posting. Since that posting I've used Ed's pin chart with success on G-10 scales. Previously, I was doing a hammer tight fit. But, using a drill size around...
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    How is everyone holding up?

    First, a tip of my hat to Justin for posting this question. I suspect a lot of us have a bunch of feelings that we'd like to express on this subject. This forum is one place that helps curb the isolation and frustrations we are all facing to varying degrees. In a nut shell, as retirees, my...
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    Question for those running a KBAC 27D.

    The main reason I mentioned this is because of the AM radio interference while the unit is powered on (again, apparently only on the 27D model). The other reason is that I like to shut off power to electronic equipment in my shop to protect it from power line surges or similar events that can...
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    Question for those running a KBAC 27D.

    A follow up comment - I just noticed in Fink's setup description there is this comment under the "Min" speed control pot setting. "It is recommended to set this so that the grinder is still moving slowly as a reminder to the operator that the unit is in the "run" mode until the switch is placed...
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    New technique (to me)

    I'm thoroughly impressed with your hand work on this knife. Well done!
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    Question for those running a KBAC 27D.

    A couple comments on Rob Fink's excellent review of setting up a KBAC controller: - I've found having a reversing switch to be helpful if you want to use the grinder for knife sharpening. - Having an On/Off switch is important on a KBAC 27D (as his description shows). If I recall correctly, the...
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    How I grind a distal tapered full tang

    Is weight reduction the primary purpose of tapering the tang? This is a really helpful posting, thanks!
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    How I grind a distal tapered full tang

    Do you grind the taper before or after heat treating. And, why.
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    How I grind a distal tapered full tang

    I'm sorry, I don't understand - could you explain what this means?
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    Watch how I tackle a "large" "can" of Damascus

    Keep the videos coming, fascinating. I've got a bunch of questions, but will wait until I see more of how you do this work.
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    MT Bob's KITH for Fred Kingery

    OK, I'm back at working on Fred's Kingery's KITH knife. As noted earlier, I was able to successfully make a multipart scale (my first). But, as it set on the bench "aging", I decided that I needed to make something more challenging... just for "entertainment value". Earlier Fred had posted a...
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    Question for those running a KBAC 27D.

    Again, talk to your licensed electrical contractor. I would likely install GFCI's in all circuits of my house. However, upon further research I found this statement in KBAC's manual, Section 3 " Custom software: all models can be factory programmed for applications which require special...
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    Cleaning surface conditioning belts yesterday I was asking myself "How do I clean my conditioning belt"... and, OMG look what pops up on KD forum. A bit spooky! I'll try that wire brush idea.