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    Congrats Gene!

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    Looking for knife steel

    They send me confirmation of order before we get off the phone. You also pay actual shipping costs which are lower than I can ship items. Top Notch outfit!!!
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    Looking for knife steel

    AEB-L from AKS. 154cm I buy 6 by 36 inch pieces from Admiral Steel.
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    What's going on in your shop?

    This last picture showed more of the true size. NICE have fun!
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    Can sheath leather damage a blade?

    How many clean their knives after use before shoving them back in a sheath? Blood etc deposited can cause damage.
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    Indian George

    Sorry to hear. I always ;liked his posts.
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    The passing of R.W.Wilson

    I was told he passed away yesterday. 8-20-2021
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    29 years ago

    A fellow found a couple I had made 29 years ago. Ground on a 2 by 48 with 6 1/2 inch wheel that I got from Bob Schimshir.
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    Makers Mark Stencils Comparison

    Last IMG I used I etched over 120 blades with one stencil. I dip in soapy water in between each etch and rub with a q-tip to make sure there is nothing left on stencil. I changed stencils and now have over 30 etches on this one.
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    Hi y'all

    Welcome aboard!
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    What's going on in your shop?

    Sheath time again! Well got them all stamped ! Now glue and sew!
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    Disc grinders, what do you use them for?

    I have a self made double grinder. One side has steel disc with 60 grit sandpaper on it. I use it to flatten and debark guard material. I hit all handle material on it to make sure it is flat. Second side has 1/8 inch rubber on it. I use it to further grind down guard material to 1000 grit and...
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    Folder Book

    Steve Culver's folder book. He gives measurements and angles which others do not. He has one page with a pattern to copy of.
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    Live and Learn

    Make it swedge. equal from both sides.
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    Knife Shows

    fitzo to me when the NKCA went bonkers,we lost a lot of opportunity for small area show. I used to enjoy the one at Springfield Missouri. A lot of outstanding makers set up then when done went to Branson for some vacation time.