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    Old Belts?

    I tried re-gluing the splices with Gorilla brand super glue with no luck, I'll try some of the other ca's that I have in the shop and I'll try the cotton cloth with gorilla glue. Something has got to work. Thanks for the replies. Mike
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    Old Belts?

    Has anyone come up with a way to re-bond the joints on old belts? I have a lot (over 200) of 3M Trizact A45 belts that I got from an estate sale but they are undoubtedly old and the splices just won't hold. I've tried every adhesive that I have to try and re-bond the splices with no luck. I hate...
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    To the great people of this forum.

    That's great news Bob, I wish you the best and hope all works out in your favor. It's about time something good has come your way. Mike
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    A Christmas Gift for my Grandson

    Finished this one today. RWL-34 blade at HRC 60, mirror polished with Mammoth Ivory scales and red spacers. Left side carry sheath since he's a southpaw. Mike
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    Update from ............................................ME!

    I was wondering where you were. I'm glad you have been working and making a little anyway. Times are tough for a lot of us but we'll get by. Better times will come. Stay in touch, Mike
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    Question about Alabama damascus

    I've used quite a bit of it and have never had a problem yet. Here is one I did recently from their Random pattern. Mike
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    Giveaway #2 for Elmax

    I'll take #11
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    Time for another Giveaway! Stabilized Amboyna Burl Block

    I'm in and thank you for the chance. Mike
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    New Elmax Super Steel Giveaway !!!

    I'm in, I'd love to see how this steel behaves. Mike
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    Is it slow for you too?

    Actually it's been all that I can do lately to try and keep up. I've had more orders in the last few months than I've had in a long time but I'm not complaining. Mike
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    Free Burl Every Saturday

    I'm in for the next round!!!!!!!!! Gotta get lucky someday. Thanks, Mike
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    If I had the room

    I have one similar to that but on a smaller scale, uses regular hacksaw blades. It's slow but it works. Haven't used it in years. Mike
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    What to do? Looking for some outside opinions.

    I just went through a similar situation, different but similar all the same. I had a customer order two knives that were variations of the same pattern. When I finished them I sent him an email and told him that they were ready. He replied that he would get back with me a settle up. A couple of...
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    Post Vise

    Didn't see one but I haven't given it a good cleaning yet. Mike
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    Post Vise

    I just got one too. It doesn't have a name brand on it but the jaws are clean and smooth and it locks up straight and even with no gaps between the jaws. Gave $30 for it. Mike