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    My latest sword project

    kevin - I don't to the forums as much as I used to. I have been studiously recreating some work from past masters in another idiom, and it is enlightening. Almost magical and a little scary when the blade reaches the final weight and geometry, these things are BRUTAL when you think about it. Of...
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    first habaki soldering help ?

    smithy - you are thinking of soldering like a guard, in which case you are just right. with a habaki, you solder it off of the blade and then slide it over the tang. The solder is just to close the bottom of the habaki. It will be subject to a lot of stress, and needs ez flow silver solder (it...
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    Josh Fisher JS: Black Palm Hunter

    that is really clean work. I am impressed by the spacer and guard, too. Black palm is an old favorite of mine, and I always forget to look for it. Nice job all around.
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    Tantos, a camp knife, and a chubby kwaiken

    Those are all very nice. I love the tanto and the last one (whatever the name is - I never really learned Japanese blade terms). I have enough issues with learning Chinese terms and European terms to add more to it. Still, those two are outstanding, at least by how the look. How much taper is...
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    Mark Cooke (LongDog Forge): Carbon Fiber Fighter (Ultra High Res Image)

    that is one beautiful photo. Especially given the hamon. I love the knife, too.
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    USMC inspired EDC

    Patrice, that is a very nice knife. I especially like the backstrap and pommel cap. How did you make it, if you don't mind? I need to learn to make something like that to go with sabers. kc
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    Bruce D. Bump MS ~ "Cattle Baron Bowie"

    Bruce, I love this one! Did you pin the rear bolster through the sides like handle scales or through the back like a pommel? excellent. kc
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    Inspiration of the Fogg kind {Yakuza Bowie style} WIP

    that is a very cool knife. Don Fogg is definitely one of the people that drew me into this. His work seemed like a receding horizon. It appeared to be, "doable," until I started trying to do it. Then, I realized how elegant and subtle each piece really was. Then again, downhill skiing doesn't...
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    Recurve Fighter w/Hamon

    sweet! I really like the blade shape, the fit and finish, and that hamon. I would have been proud to have made that myself (assuming I could.) kc
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    Forged Hunter with Buckeye Burl

    Josh, that is a clean design, and I love the way you pulled it off. There is a pretty active hamon, too!
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    12 Inlay Flipper Folder - "Marbled" CF & Ladder "Moku-Ti" --- WIP

    Excellent knife. That is so far on the other end of the knifemaking spectrum from what I do, I didn't even recognize some of the steps, even when you were explaining with captions. Looks like solid craftsmanship, though!
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    River Jian in-progress

    I am not sure what you are asking for. I will provide you with whatever you want, if I am able (do you mean length?). Or, did you mean the link to the more detailed wip thread for the blade and scabbard?
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    River Jian in-progress

    Thanks for commenting. The blade is 21.5" long, with an almost 12" handle. pob is just barely ahead of the guard. width = 1.3" at forte thickness is between .25" and .3" at medial ridge, at forte. There is a rapid distal taper for the first 4", then gradual until the last 5" of the blade...