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    Swayback slip joint with stag

    Really beautiful.
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    Sowbelly Trapper

    My favorite of yours so far. Really nice. JR
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    Wharncliffe Trapper with my jigged bone

    Outstanding. As usual.
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    One For Each Packpocket

    Awesome work, Stan. JR
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    Wharncliffe Trapper with mammoth ivory

    Fantastic. That is a really fantastic looking knife. JR
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    Got some new barlows

    Nothing wrong with the red one but that green one speaks to me as well. Johnny
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    Relieving liners?

    I have seen some use an electro-etching machine to relieve the liners. Mask off what you want to keep and etch the rest away. Johnny
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    nail nicks with a fly cutter

    I cut mine with a 60 degree 1 3/8 Dovetail cutter but I like the way the fly cutter looks as well. Lots of ways to skin this cat. I know some that grind with a stone after heat treating. I set up my swedges and nicks before HT. Couple of pics of my folders at the link below if you want to...
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    I use the same one and couldn't do without it. Mine has the word "Demagnetizer" in big letters on the front just in case you forget what it is. I laugh everytime I use it.
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    First try at a Shadow pattern

    You certainly got that shadow pin down. Nice job!
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    Small barlow

    Extremely nice. I really like this one. That nail nick is perfect and the swedge is excellent.
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    Amber Bone Folder

    Probably my new favorite from you.
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    Carbon Fiber Swayback Jack

    This swayback has been sold. Many thanks, Johnny
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    Desert Ironwood with Vine File Work

    Thanks for the comments and ideas for the next one, guys. I wore this one for two days over this past weekend. It worked really well and got a quite a few comments. Its big but with the 'D' ring at the top, I can lash it just above my knee and it stays out of the way. More filework to...
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    Carbon Fiber Swayback

    Hey janekc, they are shadow pivot pins. Basically, they are .250 pinstock with a 3/32 pivot pin through the center. There is a really good "how-to" in the tutorial section. Thanks for everyones comments and interest. Johnny