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    Handle and guard and ready for the show

    I too like the blade. I would love to see the completed knife.
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    Quite impressive and beautiful, all of them.
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    Smallshop update (ted Hauser)

    Hi Ted, it's good to hear from you. Like the others that commented, I am happy to hear that you are in process of healing. I wish you a speedy recovery and am praying for you.
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    Another Texas Hello

    Welkom Gert!
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    For those of you that keep a Knife Making or Shop Log

    I take a lot of photos and save them under the specific file for that knife on my laptop.
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    Double sheath help

    Will do so shortly. Sorry for the late reply, I was not on the website for a number of days.
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    Double sheath help

    There is a South African knife maker that does double sheaths for knives that he makes as pairs, mostly as a bigger and smaller pair. You can go and look on his Instagram page to look at his take of the double sheath. Andries has been...
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    First leather project of 2020

    Looking good, Dennis!
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    New Years Party at the shop

    Playing matchmaker, huh?:cool:
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    To choil or not to choil.?

    I also like no 1 without a choil.
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    For Sale - Tools New Angle Peen Hammers Available!

    The comments on the split made me go and look! It is intriguing. I've never seen this before, but I will remember it for future reference.
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    Morland Picture Gallery

    Love it! Nicely done Dennis.
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    Hamon procedure

    John, In my opinion you are a very gifted and skilled maker, with tons of experience and you make knives that simply astounds me. Understand therefore that I have the highest opinion of you. In the same tone, your opinion on any knife making topic bears much weight. Therefore, by what I hope to...
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    Jason Volkert Kith 2019

    Didn't immediately follow the chain of thought, but now I have to smile quite mischieviously.