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    15" bush sword

    That looks sweet!!!!!! Really like the handle with cord wrap.
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    Primal/tactical o-tanto

    I really like that one alot.
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    My Daughter Making A Knife !

    That is very cool. I can see why you are proud of her. Please keep posting.
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    Mini Hydraulic Press

    Please post pics.
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    Mini Frame Back (Straight Razor) and WIP

    I like it. very nice.
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    3 of a kind ISH

    Amazing work Butch.
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    Japanese Style Straight Razor

    Very nice, should last a life time.
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    Hunting Knife in use!!!

    It is great to see a knife you made in action.
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    A Few New Pieces...

    I have a butcher knife from J. and it is the bomb. Use it all the time. The finish is perfect for kitchen work. IMHO
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    "Antiqued" & Stag Set

    Very nice.
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    Wow such a small knife. Need to build a bigger one. Looks good and it is a huge knife.
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    "Nugget Bowie" (photo heavy)

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    Damascus and M390 Straight Razor

    Very nice, what is the width?
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    Grinder in a Box

    Depends on what size belts you are going to use. Remember to always buy more than you think you will need. Personally I would buy 4 to 6 feet so I could make a couple of tool arms. as in one for a small wheel atachment and one for flat grinding or for convex grinds. I am one that wants to grab...