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    Legalality of selling switchblade across state lines

    Thanks I have a Dalton Assassin for sale and the guy wanting to buy it said it was ok to sale across state lines that he had done it several times , I thought I was right about this , he is the buyer , the feds won't go after him , they will come after me and I'm not going to jail for anyone...
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    Legalality of selling switchblade across state lines

    When I look up states legal to own switch blades , it says it is against federal law to sell across state lines even if it is legal to own in that state
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    Rob Dalton , asassin

    This has got to be one of the best switch blades made, you will not be disappointed,hand made and if your familiar with Rob you know what I mean. If it wasn't my old ladies birthday i would not be selling it , you know what they say if mama ain't happy no body's happy. It has a tempered...
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    Gun and knife fanatic

    Hi I'm todd. Love guns and knives. Glad to join similar enthusiast. From Tennessee.