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    Am I crazy for not taking orders..

    I've stopped taking orders as well. My knife business is small and I've turned orders away partly because I don't make much off my knives so creative freedom as an artist is my main payment and making 20 of the same thing is beyond the limit of diminishing returns for me. One benefits though...
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    Rounded spines

    Thanks Ed.
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    Rounded spines

    Thanks John!
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    Rounded spines

    I see some makers do this regularly and also round the choil area while others such as myself not so much. I've made one blade with a rounded spine and have owned another from a different maker. Aside from being an extra step in the process I didn't feel that the comfort level was far superior...
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    Hi there.

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    FYI Machete's can be dangerous

    Hope you heal well. Sorry to hear about your accident.
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    What's ahead of you....

    Prayers your way Smithy!
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    Compound grind help

    Not bad for a first time. The first time is always the trial and error piece. They get easier.
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    Compound grind help

    No problem. It's really not that bad to do after you've done a couple. Be sure to post pics when you're done.
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    Compound grind help

    The way I did that was first by doing the top grind with a flat platen. Next I flat ground the primary straight across toward the tip stopping a tad after reaching that section meeting the tip. Don't turn the blade at all to grind the sevtion at the tip! Then I went over that section I just flat...
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    Compound grind help

    By compound grind I'm guessing you're talking about something like this? [/URL][/IMG]
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    Eagle Wing MK3 Sub Hilt Recurve Bowie

    Amazing craftsmanship. That must jave taken a long time to perfect that style.
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    My Most Recent Knife

    Great looking blade!
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    Tobin Nieto on Forged in Fire

    Thanks James! I'll start googling images.
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    Selling Knives on Instagram

    Thanks Walt and Justin! I'm under jrosaknives.