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    What is a good all around oil to use on knives?

    Plain old cheap 3 in 1 oil has worked for me for many years. I don't have rust problems or gumming up problems using this product.
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    Possible reintroduction.

    Another senior moment. LOL. Memory isn't what it use to be. I may have introduced myself before but dang if I can remember nor can I find it listed here. I am 67 and retired. A proud Veteran and a knife nut. I fall far below most others in my collecting as far as expensive knives that are...
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    1 Case and 1 Masters Ballistic knife. REDUCED TO $18.00 SHIPPED

    Reduced to $18.00 Shipped USA.
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    1 Case and 1 Masters Ballistic knife. REDUCED TO $18.00 SHIPPED

    Just selling off a couple of knives from my collection to buy something else. Neither knife has been used. No box or paperwork. Case 21405L 88 Case XX 1 dot. Other knife is Master Collection Ballistic. metal handled assisted, fake etched Damascus stainless 440 blade. China made but a very...
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    Balisong Value Please.

    I was recently given a Benchmade Balisong Knife. I was told it is a model 10. Even got the Benchmade nylon case with it. Only flaw was that I had to replace the T latch. Looks mint otherwise. The butterfly on one side of the blade has Balisong written in it. The other side of blade has...
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    WTB Gil Hibben HTF Recon.

    Looking for a minty knife. May be interested in other Gil Hibben knives also. Price including shipping to Missouri 63736 and pics to my email Pic of knife I am looking for is posted with this. Pay with usps Money order. Thanks. Mike
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    My Ontario Knife collection, so far.

    Please let me preface this by stating I am an old poot knife collector on SSI. Not complaining, I am blessed. I love knives and wanted to collect something affordable but pretty good quality. I am sure I will get some disagreement on my selection, but I really like the Ontario Rat 1&2 knives...
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    My Cold Steel Large Voyager for your?

    Withdrawn. Thanks.
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    HELP: Need a part or repair on my Benchmade Model 10 Balisong

    Has anyone got a T-Latch and handle pin that will fit my Benchmade Model 10 stainless balisong. This was given to me and I think it has some value to it. I would be willing to send it in to a repair facility. Benchmade is no help. I contacted them. I would just love to restore it to it's...
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    My Cold Steel Large Voyager for your?

    This knife is discontinued. Trade interest is a 5" or 7" Ultima silver blade CRKT fixed knife or similar. My knife is almost mint, but there is a very small corrosion spot on right side of blade. Will probably polish out. This knife is hard to find. It has never been carried or used. Blade...
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    New old poot to this forum.

    Hi folks. Well, where should I start. I am in Missouri, 67 years old and have been a knife and gun nut all my life. Married 49 years to the same fine lady. She deserves an award for that I am now retired and I have to go a bit cheaper on my knife collecting these days. Love to trade and...
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    Wanted: Kershaw Blur

    Looking for a Kershaw Blur. Straight edge would be best but may consider serrated at the right price. Will have to pay via money order.