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    Tactical or Non-tactical?

    I took a "Knife class" basic defense stuff. Some of the class content was extremely eye opening! They have a 21 foot rule, this is unbelievable. it takes at least 21 feet if someone rushed you to deploy a weapon to defend yourself! Which is amazing! The instructor proved this 3 or 4 times and...
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    Tactical or Non-tactical?

    I agree with Ed on a lot of his points. I would consider a "TACTICAL" knife to be used in unfortunate circumstance like defending yourself or others. Have some additional functionality like a glass breaking hardened point. Be built rock solid. Small enough to conceal and easy to deploy if it...
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    Interesting Video Comparing Sandpapers

    I saw this video as I follow him! I did some research after watching it. Unless you can figure out who's making O'Rileys paper your gonna be stuck paying $7.99 for 5 sheets of paper. I also sent him a question about cost and he told me it was a test of papers not a cost comparison. He did say he...
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    Anyone else got orders for one of these?

    Martin Yan had unbelievable knife skills!! A joy to watch!!
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    My forge's going to take a while!

    I'm still working on mine!! LOL!!
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    Hook of the week! Woo hoo!

    I follow him interesting guy! Congratulations!!
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    Smallshop update (ted Hauser)

    Ted glad to hear you are progressing!! Even though its slow it sounds like its in the right direction! Keep it going!!
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    NCCA Knife shows

    Thanks for the info!! I may give this a shot?
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    Recommendations: Machinist Parallels 1/8? or 1/32?

    I also have 1/8". Another thing I use if the part is larger is a 1-2-3 block. And a cheapie deadblow hammer.
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    Spindle sander?

    Let me preface this by saying "I do not own one". I thought about getting one of these but I ended up getting a small wheel kit and arm for my birthday. When I was researching them believe it our not the Harbor Freight one got some really decent reviews. With a 20%off coupon and a sale you could...
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    Anyone else got orders for one of these?

    The latest fad!! LOL!! Ive seen them on YouTube couple guys that do BBQ use them. This hobby is funny just like fashion!! Sell um while ya can!!
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    NCCA Knife shows

    I was thinking of doing a table with a friend of mine. But I dont know if I have enough to bring with me. I have only about 15 done that I would sell.
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    NCCA Knife shows

    Nobody huh?? Guess I'll have to go check at least 1 of them out! Not many choices up here in the Northeast!
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    NCCA Knife shows

    Anyone been to any of the NCCA (Norheast Custom Cutlery Association) Knife shows in Marlborough MA or in CT? They dont look very large. I would like to go to a show but being unemployed hard to justify the money to go to something like Blade as much as I'd like to!!
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    Picture From A Customer

    That would be a good picture for a Business Card!!