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    Hunter with Redwood Burl

    Paul, They are coming along nicely. Nice grinds and the handle shapes are user friendly. Redwood burl is one of those woods that benefits from being burnished, it makes the burl pop. I use the edge of 10-12 oz stiff leather. Press hard and use a...
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    Bubble Jig

    Yes, you should! Otherwise I'll feel guilty :)
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    Bethel Ridge Forge saying hello.

    Fellow KnifeMakers! What a year this has been. The citizens of Houston and the 50 surrounding counties got hammered first; no pun intended. Then Irma tore a path through all the islands to the south of Florida, before finally slamming into the Keys and then taking a path...
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    What's going on in your shop?

    Cowboy leather sewing machine. We have worked hard to produce the best products we can produce here at Bethel Ridge Forge. We make upgrades and buy machinery when we can afford it. This year we purchased a Cowboy 4500 leather sewing machine which will help to reduce production time and also...
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    How long you been making knives?

    I made the first knife in 1999, it was a gift for my young son. My first grinder was a Pro-Cut machine from Mick Koval. These days I mostly make products for knife makers and users, that have come out of my experiences in making knives. I've met a lot of great people. The top one is my first...
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    Put it in the oven at 500fh for an hour, it will pop the glass off. Scrape the surface of the platen while it is still hot from the oven, the old JB weld will peal right off. Now your ready for the new glass. Fred
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    ))))))))Edge Renewal Utility, sharpener New Electric Blue kit with strop.((((((((

    If you enjoy using a stone or diamond plate put are not getting the edges you would like, this ERU package is for you. Using the degree wedges with your stones or diamond plate to produce a "FLAT" edge, then finishing the edge using the ERU sharpener will produce as fine a flat edge as can be...
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    )))))))Bubble Jig Grinding System(((((((( Whether you are just starting out or are an old pro:), this grinding system will help to produce better grinds, faster and with more freehand control than anything you have ever tried. The Bubble Jig grinding system is 79.95.. Take a look at all...
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    scotchbrite vs cork?

    Hi Ken, I don't do any hand sanding if I'm going to do a scotchbrite finish. Once its touched with a hand sanding block, the work begins. If you don't touch the 400 or even a 600 belt finish the scotch bright looks great. I will sometimes hand sand the ricasso an the top edge of the...
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    scotchbrite vs cork?

    I use cork in 150 to 600 to sharpen edges on a wet 2x72 machine. Scotchbrite is best for matt finishes. If you finish at 400 on a green gator belt and remove all previous scratch patterns you can go right to the scotchbrite belt to put a matt finish on. The technique got started when people...
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    New ERU kit with dual sided strop.

    The ERU sharpener has been a work in progress, based on a sound basic idea. We have made numerous changes to the package over the last two years. This kit is for the person that likes using stones or diamond plates, but is not satisfied with the results they are getting totally free hand. With...
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    They can be purchased fairly inexpensive at your local glass shop. The last ones I got locally were 8 dollars a piece, I bought 4 and put three of them away for future use.
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    Final Edge

    I use a Bubble Jig and a wet 2x72 belt machine, its a VS. The benefit of using a BJ is you can put a specific edge angle on the blade. Acute for kitchen cutters and more obtuse for heavier work. It's a nice addition to be able to inform the buyer of the blade that the edge is a specific angle...
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    Outlet location in shop?

    If you think your shop will expand over time, placing a 4 grounded outlets per location will pay off in the future. They have several pluses, one is they are easier to wire and if MC aluminum clad 12/2 with ground is used the entire system will be grounded. The aluminum clad is much safer in a...
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    Grinding shoulders on a belt machine.

    If we want to stay in knife making we have to adapt as we age and use whatever is necessary to keep us going. The idea of sitting around watching the tube is not agreeable for me. How does it work, forging sitting down? Fred