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    Bush craft battle blade

    That's what the owner now calls it. 1/4 inch thick 5160 steel rc 57 rounded top spine Exsposed tang at butt for skull crusher slash striker for ferro rod Dewycarta green scales with loveless bolts.
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    Christmas from Larry Franklin

    Whew I was starting to think I sent it to the wrong address :) Happy forging and a happier x-mas
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    X-mas from soundmind

    Antlers it is this year :) I have never tried sheeps horn before that should be interesting. With some other assorted antlers and some pins, thank you sound mind hidden tangs it is lol
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    Christmas from Fred

    Ya what Dennis said ....
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    Christmas Present from Owl

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    New Here, Looking for People to Interview

    Did I just talk to you guys lol, your teacher is Chris?
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    Newbie in Arizona

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    To choil or not to choil.?

    I like number two but leave out the choil and keep plunge in same spot, just m2c ‍♂️
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    2019 Christmas Gift Exchange

    Mine did ship today!
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    2019 Christmas Gift Exchange

    Mine is packed up and will ship tomorrow
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    Something different

    Always wanted to see how long this would last on a blade. Anyone ever leave there Hamon in this state before.
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    Ironwood chopper

    Yup Dennis I'm trying to get back to participating I always loved the dog pound
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    A couple small patch knives....

    Always great work J nice blades.
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    Ironwood chopper

    First true kitchen chopper I have made. W-2 steel 7 1/2 inch blade desert iron wood scales with g10 orange liners
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    Hardness tester

    any chance to get a pic