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    My First Professionally Photographed Knife

    Awesome photo! Love that G10!!
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    Emerson Knives Bulldog Black Finish

    Hey everyone! I am selling my brand new Bulldog BT. I have never used it to cut anything. It is BNIB, I am just not a fan of it and was a little smaller than I anticipated. I am selling this Bulldog BT for $185 Shipped via USPS First class mail same day as order comes in (before 3pm PDT)...
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    Hey People of KnifeDogs!

    My name is Connor Mahoney, I am an knife collector of Emerson, Hinderer, Medford and other higher end brands. My recent carry lately has varied with the XM-18 to the CQC-7 and also the Jurrasic model by Hinderer. I am glad to be able to join a community that is so active in the knife world and...