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    KickStarter Discussion

    I did put an oven a payment plan though
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    KickStarter Discussion

    Would you mind grabbing the link where I claimed to have 50 knives on stand by?
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    WTB Heat Treating Oven

    Looking at making a Grinder. Thank you for the FANTASTIC advice everyone.
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    KickStarter Discussion

    I did talk to somebody from kickstarter, I had another project up that I worked on with a couple other people that went over well just like many other people. As far as weapons roll over there yeah, I could tell they didn't want those projects going up. I didn't get a reply with my defense from...
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    KickStarter Discussion

    Thanks for the advice Steve, ill pm you some pictures when I get the first batch done.
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    KickStarter Discussion

    I got a little too far ahead of myself trying to get things going, but I just got got myself a Grinder and am in the process of purchasing an oven. The oven was what I have been trying to fund so I don't take too big of a hit to the bank account and would still be able to recooperate to purchase...
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    Heat Treaters

    Did that place out of Elgin recently go out of business? I've been searching for an oven to buy and there was some place out of Texas that I tried contacting, it might've been Elgin or claerance, not quite sure.
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    Hello from CA

    Heey a new Cali friend! I'm out of the Frisco bay area
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    OTF knife build

    Has anyone built an out the front, or spring built knife?
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    do people fake knives

    yep, the weight was probably offf
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    do people fake knives

    yes, I bought a few fake knives from china. Two were by a major brand, another was "supposedly" by a well known maker. I suggest you buy straight from the source. Crooks are always good at they do, consumers always need to be one step ahead, or very knowledgeable about what they're looking to...
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    Two For A Soldier's Sons

    Look'n like some happy kids
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    Drawn To The Bone, Episode One!!

    some boss shitzah
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    Creating a logo!

    Hello, I myself am new to knife making, and am struggling with purchasing all of my equipment, it may be due to my age and because of my salary. I am a graphic designer at a printing company and looking to get myself well suited for knife making so I can do this for a living. I am looking...
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    Services Needed*

    Looking for water jet cutting services Heat treating Laser Engraving/Engraving I do run CAD software on my computer, or I can save the files digitally in any format. I do already have an outsourcing company for this however they are tied up at the moment