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    Koa Commemorative Knife

    Nicely Done !!
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    Its a Beauty !
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    Persian Kard

    Perfection !!
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    Most of my collection

    Nice looking collection !
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    Bowie San mai

    Great looking work !
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    Big Basketweave Bowie

    Really Nice Looking !!!
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    Cheap Gift Knife

    Beautiful work.....Wonderful thing to do !
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    Memories of Tanzania Dagger

    Beautiful work !!!
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    Hunter w/ Amboyna Burl & French Patina

    A Real Beauty !!
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    Harpoon and Hamon, take two.

    Very Nice !!
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    Gator Country Tanto

    Very Nice !
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    Cowboy Bowie

    Perfection......Its a Beauty !
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    Alamo Tribute Bowie

    Very Nicely Done !