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    Martin Flipper

    You ae keeping the bar high, thanks for sharing Dan
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    Knife Photos by Caleb Royer

    Very nice photo and knife
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    Finished this one up today

    Looks good,
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    Finished up a Hawksbill

    Looks great
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    Very impressive, great fie work and a lot of time polishing make for a beauty. Dan
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    Lanny's Clip with green hessian

    I like this one a lot, very nice Dan
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    White Tail Antler

    I have seen some awesome folders made by Jim Schmidt that have antler handle scales. but I am not sure exactly what animal they were from. Dan
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    Zulu Spear Slip Joint "Bushbaby Jr."

    Nice knife, I love seeing ivory handle scales. Dan
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    New Toys from Liontribe

    Great work on all of them, the grinds are precise and clean. Dan
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    The latest from my shop

    Great looking knife, very useable size. Dan
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    M390 Sendero with dyed Black Ash burl.

    Darrin, clean, beautiful knife Dan
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    Mvubu Clip Slipjoint

    Nice work, I like the design and the large single blade. Looks quite useful. Dan
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    Desert Ironwood and O1

    Very Nice! Dan
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    Martin Tuxedo dress QSB flipper

    Totally awesome, both knife and photography. Dan