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    First step Friday GIVE AWAY!

    Put me in please. Thanks for the chance
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    Wednesday Night Insanity starts now.

    put me in. Thanks for the chance
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    Carbon Fiber Give-A-Way

    I want to say THANK YOU Bruce!!!
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    Ebony give away

    me too please
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    Guess I never did thid proper when I signed up. My name is Corey Nilson from north central Nebraska. I ranch and have way to many hobbies. I love making things and I was hooked when I found this forum. I want to thank everyone for letting me be a part of it.
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    Ironwood Giveaway.

    I would like in please. Thank you
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    Carbon Fiber Give-A-Way

    I'll try #83 ! Thank you
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    Does anyone have a small gas forge they want to sell. Maybe on old one you started with and then uprgraded. Can't spend alot of money Thanks corey
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    hmm What I have is a large propane cutting torch. I heated the blade till it did not attract a magnet and then went straight to heated 10-30 oil. I do not have a hardness tester,but I tried a file on it and it seemed pretty hard. The file mostly just slid across.
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    Can I heat treat 1095 with a torch and get a good do on it? Can you quench in warmed 10-30 oil? I know these might be dumb questions, but I am pretty new to all this. Thank you:)
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    What is the the best steel to work with for a newbie?? That is for easy grinding. Will send out for heat treat.
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    Coote Grinder

    Thanks Guys!
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    Coote Grinder

    Does anyone use this grinder. If so what are any pros and cins compared to the other grinders out there?
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    Custom stencil??

    Thanks for the help !!!