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    No rust cooling dip

    Just add baking soda to the dip bucket, does the same thing.
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    NCCA Knife show Sunday Nov, 6th in Marlborough, Ma.

    I will be exhibiting at this show on Sunday, please stop by if you have the time. MARLBORO, MA KNIFE SHOW Sunday, November 6th, 2016 Marlboro, MA - Holiday Inn (508) 481-3000 I-495 exit 24A. Show hours: 9am-2pm
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    Chuck Gedraitis Custom slip-joint for sale

    Hello, Available for sale is one of my custom slip-joints. The blade is 2-9/16in long made of Rob Thomas ladder pattern stainless damascus and opens with a long pull. The bolsters are titanium with a light orange peel finish and have been heat colored bronze. The scales are polished black...
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    WTB Antique westinghouse micarta

    WTB Antique westinghouse micarta, let me know if you have any you would be willing to part with. Thanks, Chuck
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    Kit Carson small model 4 for sale

    Up for sale is a Kit Carson small Model 4 liner lock. 3-3/16 ATS-34 blade with a bead blast finish. Sand blasted titanium liners and bolsters with kydex scales and black G-10 spacer. 7-9/16 overall open with dual thumbstuds and tip down carry clip. Good condition with some handling marks...
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    Getting knives to out of state shows

    IF you don't own a gun or the proper permits to be transporting them across state lines then you are out of luck. I mail my knives on Tuesday before a show and let the hotel receiving them know so they accept the package. Mailing them early gives the carrier time to get them to me before the...
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    Chuck Gedraitis triple bolster liner lock folding dagger for sale

    Hello, I hope that you are keeping warm this winter. I haven't made anything like this for a while and most likely won't make anything similar anytime in the near future so this would be the chance to add a unique piece to your collection. The blade is 4-7/8in long made of Darryl Meier...
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    started my first flipper today.

    Just an FYI, you should do your filework after you profile the scales so you don't have to do it twice.
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    Blade Show "INCOMING"

    Nice work Peter, looking forward to hanging out.
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    Chuck Gedraitis 2014 blade show knives

    Good Evening, Here is a link to a slide show with all the knives I will have at the 2014 blade show, table 5-E. Thank you for looking, Chuck
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    Is brass outdated?

    "Brass has no class and wood is no good"- Wayne Valachovic ABS MS
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    Knife Shows

    The point of going to a knife show is exposure, to put a face to the name on the forums, allow many more people to handle your work and to make money!! If your happy making 10 knives a year that's great, but it will not be cost effective to add more shows. If you plan on doing 3-5 shows a year...
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    scratches on the face of the guard

    I know that Don Hanson will wrap a piece of sand paper around a razor blade so he can get right in tight to the seam of the guard/blade.
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    Pattern making- layout tips Post yours here

    Just photo copy the pattern if you plan on making more, cut it out and glue it to your steel. I have used a glue stick with good results.