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    What's going on in your shop?

    I used Chris Crawfords primarily. Should be easy enough to find with a Google search
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    What's going on in your shop?

    It's not a knife but I made a steak turner a couple weekends ago. Chris
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    Buying green cut wood question

    For common species such as walnut I'd just hit Metro Hardwoods and you don't have to worry about dry time. That is unless you find a burl or some really good figure of course. Chris
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    What is it called??

    The lining isn't just at the throat of the sheath, it goes full length. 2-3 oz is what I used on my linings, but you should cut your lining out slightly larger than the sheath body itself. If you are adding a shield, the lining will be stitched face to face(finished side to finished side) to the...
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    What is it called??

    DeMo, those are just lined pouch or butterfly sheaths. I think you might be making or thinking they are more complicated than they really are. As C Craft mentioned, get the sheath ready to stitch together (except the welt) just as you would an unlined sheath. Just prior to adding the welt and...
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    What's going on in your shop?

    Well that's frustrating. I've been trying to find it in the .050 or thinner for quite a while now and now they don't even have .070. Chris
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    Saddlehorn slipjoint

    That knife is gorgeous! Chris
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    Hello from NE KS

    Welcome Gene! We'd all love to see pics of your work. I have to echo what DeMo said about KCKA. We are a great group of guys ranging from hobbyists such as myself to ABS Journeyman and Mastersmiths at the top of the game. Chris
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    Questions which will lead to more questions which naturally with result in yet more q

    So when you were learning to play the violin, did you start out by playing "Twinkle, twinkle little star" or did you start right off the bat with "Locatelli's Caprice"? No one said you won't ever make a slipjoint, they are just trying to point you in the most practical way to learn the needed...
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    Make your own sheath or send it out?

    I too do my own and I fall in with DeMo. I enjoy the leather, I can do kydex but I'm much better with leather. Truth be told, I have advanced my leather skills beyond my knifemaking. I even find myself doing more and more leather projects that aren't all all knife related. I would also add...
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    2016 Knife Dog's Knifemaker's Christmas Exchange!

    Happy it finally made it there Jess. Still have no clue why they thought it needed to go to Long Beach en route to your house. I had hoped you hadn't used the Osage Orange before. Merry Christmas a few days late. Chris
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    2016 Knife Dog's Knifemaker's Christmas Exchange!

    Apparently, USPS thought Jess' gift needed a tan. What I had thought would be a rather straight shot from Kansas to Wisconsin took a detour to Long Beach CA and hasn't moved for the last week. Guess I'm making some phone calls Tuesday morning. My apologies Jessl Merry Christmas everyone! Chris
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    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

    Merry Christmas! Chris
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    2016 Knife Dog's Knifemaker's Christmas Exchange!

    Just as Demo, I had the same Santa as last year. A package showed up Friday from a Mr Bruce Bump. It came with an assortment of goodies, Zebra Wood, Walnut, carbon fiber, stag and jigged bone. Funny, there wasn't a single piece of ironwood to be found! :les: Thank you Bruce I will certainly...
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    2016 Knife Dog's Knifemaker's Christmas Exchange!

    Got mine in the mail today as well. I pray they can use what I sent! Chris