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    Primal/tactical ninja tanto

    Looks real nice ...... Bubba
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    WW2- Knives Presence

    Real nice collection.
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    This forging thing

    In Japanese quenching , I have never had a blade crack on obvious stress risers . The Hamachi and Munemachi. They always seem to crack on the thin edge of blade. hamachi (刃区?) - notch in the cutting edge (ha), dividing the blade proper from the tang.... munemachi (棟区?) - notch in the back...
  4. bubba-san Hammer/Grind-In & Knife Show Details

    I would like to try and make that one . I like the music and food part also . Big blues fan.... Bubba
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    Heaping helping of 'hawks

    Some nice choppers there ......
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    copper invasion

    Nice looking blade ... I use copper on lots of my Blades . Patinas add an extra nice look . B.
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    Best greeting from China

    Hello Yvonne, Glad you said hello. I knew you would be well received. James
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    Yvonne, welcome to KD ....... Bubba-san

    Yvonne, welcome to KD ....... Bubba-san
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    etched steel colors

    I think what you may be referring to is extended tempering after etch. This particular blade has 6 types of steel in it . I cant really see much color difference , just shades of grey and black. But, if you do some long tempering cycles steel will change colors , like red, blue ,purple ,orange...
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    HT'ing Alabama Damascus

    I have used A.D. in the past . It seems to harden quite well . Had them make me a sword billet , that hardened and did not warp . I think their prices are the best online . you can easily make a 500$ blade with their steel . I will continue to buy A.D., its a good buy for the money and makes...
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    Hey brother , I don't have any mammoth tooth but , I have some nice Ivory ( elephant) that could be shaped into a tooth or whatever.I have mammoth ivory and pre ban elephant Ivory . let me know if you are interested. I have about 10 lbs. or so . I also have a set of premium Sanbar stag handles...
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    Chef with some buckeye

    good lookin blade Larry .. Didn't I get some of that wood from you ? or was that Box elder burl ? kind of looks the same .. Great blade none the less clean and functional. Bubba
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    Show your swords!!!

    Another one I finished recently... Folded 9260 and 1075... Blade is similar to uchikatana has 30" cutting edge.. The sword with gold ito is by KIKO ICHIMONJI. ....... bubba
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    Changing blade curvature in the quench

    Another way to control sori when water/ clay quenching , is to remove a small amount of clay from the Mune or spine . This causes some hardening of mune and when polished it looks real good , plus it counteracts the upward bend during quench . Also remember a water quench is very short , from 1...
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    Hummingbird Disaster

    Ed, You are exactly right .... The Vet said the same thing .... that's why they get trapped ... higher the ceiling the harder it is for them to navigate down.........