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    Andrew Meers MS ~ MS Dagger + Khandjar + Sage Kitchen Knife + King of Saxony Folder

    Stunningly beautiful knives as well as photography to make them really pop.
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    Beautiful job on the grinder, Its like a souped up KMG on steroids! You should sell that design to Rob Frink on a Percentage basis. Brad
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    You guys have a source for step drill bits?
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    edge thickness issues

    In my opinion, lack of a platten is a large part of your current problem, especially if you are just learning to grind. Learning to grind WITH a platten can be a challenge. Trying to fight a flopping belt and keep things even would multiply the learning curve tremendously.
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    Sharpening---Which of these two practices is correct and why.

    Sharpening angle should be based off of the blade centreline. If you base the sharpening angle off of the bevel, it will change the included sharpening angle depending on bevel width.
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    What is the easiest stainless steel to heat treat?

    you can also use steel plates of sufficient size.
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    Looking for Method for Drilling Karambit Finger Hole

    Bimetal hole saw, drill press, and some water soluble coolant or rapid tap will work wonders.
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    Who What and Where for a good, safe Dewar???

    Lerch, Before you run out and buy something to store LN in, you may want to do a little more research first. My first call would be to where you think you are going to buy the LN from and see if they will even sell it to you. They absolutely will not put it in a 25 quart ice chest. Some things...
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    Why can't I drill a 1/4" hole?

    It's the steel. I ordered some 1080 and 1084 from Kelly when I first started making knives and had the same problem. After smoking dozens of bits, including a pile of cobalt bits, I ended up using carbide tipped concrete bits to get holes in it. Even then I could only get 6-10 holes before the...
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    Evenheat oven set up problem

    So you are saying the oven ramped up and the temp display indicated the proper temp (say 950 degrees), then sat at that 950 for half an hour undisturbed (no peeking), and at the end of the half hour your blade was not at 950? If thats the case, either your infared temp gun is off, your...
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    Evenheat oven set up problem

    Review your program and verify that your ramp rate is set for "9999". By the above quote, it sounds like the oven will eventually get to desired temp just very slowly. It may be as simple as a programming error.
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    Where to buy leather?

    Wickett & Craig has always sent me top quality leather at a reasonable price.
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    Need some imput

    Personally, I would go with the CPM154.
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    heat treat question.....

    If its an Evenheat, see this thread: If not, more details about the oven are needed.
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    Non Blade welding problem

    Rusty wire will plug the liner up. You can take the liner out and soak it on mineral sprits and try to blow the crap out of it. If that doesnt solve the problem, you are probably looking at getting a new liner. If you arent going to use the welder for long periods in between uses, take the wire...