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    Vote vote vote

    But, they're all so amazing, it is so tough to decide! But, I will look for it and do some voting.
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    Coywolf in progress

    I think the wolf pin wouldn't look so large if it were toward the back more, where the handle is broader. And, then a smaller pin closer to the front, And, as others said, I think the wolf pin would fit even better in place of the lanyard hole. The wolf pin rocks on it's own and if you don't...
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    File Tribute knife

    Can you please elaborate a little on the scales?
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    File Tribute knife

    Nice indeed!
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    Important framed handle tip.

    You think you’re dumb? I’ll show you :mad:dumb....what’s a framed handle?!!
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    Free Templates From Kudzu Kutters

    That's a great site you are putting together! And, the tutorial was fresh, simple and to the point, while conveying a lot without video or obnoxious music. The pattern page will be great and should benefit a lot of makers from noobies on through to established makers looking for ideas. I was...
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    Smallshop update (ted Hauser)

    Ted- also am praying for you- sounds like you had a major overhaul! But, it sounds like you are on the mend now, praying for it to be a steady process to feeling better. And hoping you can lock in on one of those drawings you did and get to play with knives again soon. God bless, Bill
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    The kids from my latest knife making class.

    Have to ask- what is all that interesting stuff all over the place, like on the table!?
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    The kids from my latest knife making class.

    Man, I don't know who I envy more- you for being able to teach all those young impressionable men, or them for sitting under your teaching! And we both know that each one of them left with a piece of you that they will have forever. Kudos!
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    Last Hammer-In... Hint Hint

    I was pretty out of the loop for about a year, but got back a month or two ago. Thing is- I keep wondering if there's any thoughts or talk (Boss Dog) about a future hammer-in. I made it to the last one (in 2016?), and was so glad I did. I was amazed. I've only been to a couple other smaller...
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    Skinner completed.

    Very nice! The profile, the wood, the red scales, the mosaic pin....It all works well! And as for your rate of production, hey you work at your own speed. Like you said, you focus on building your skills and working out your vision for every knife you make.
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    Latest medical update

    Still praying! Hug your Valentine and both of you get well soon!
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    Anybody have a rock tumbler?

    Ok. I have a detached metal building with 6" insulated walls, so doesn't sound like the noise should be a deal breaker. Thx
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    Etched vs Stamped Maker's Mark

    Thx for that response. I doubt that I'll ever progress to folders. I came into knifemaking kind of late in the game, and still have enough new things to master -to keep me happy for awhile just with fixed blades. I tend to favor larger knives, but have also liked that I had stencils small...
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    Etched vs Stamped Maker's Mark

    Good Eye! Yeah, I did, let's say, 'gain inspiration' from the Minimalist. Figured that was okay for a knife for my wife. It's a little broader belly, and a few other differences, but yeah very much like their design.