Bill Hubbell

60 years old- married 38 yrs to a 'blessing' of a wife. We were blessed with 5 great kids who are now great adults. I still teach a group of church teens every Wednesday night (am I getting too old for that- they don't seem to think so). My wife and I also serve on the board of a crisis pregnancy center. I have worked w/ steel, iron, fabrication, etc for a lot of years, and carpentry, but just got my feet wet with knife-making a few years ago. Now I wish I would have started earlier, but I'm enjoying what I do- and am constantly learning. I appreciate this forum as a place to learn and see what others are doing- and for the clean environment here. Thx to all who make it happen!

Anything done with family or friends
Apr 30, 1954 (Age: 69)
Saunders County, Nebraska- west of Omaha
Favorite knife.
Usually Larger Knives- hunters, bowies, tactical
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