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    2013 KD Members Choice Awards - TACTICAL FOLDER

    Holy smokes! Thank you very much everyone and Ausbrooks for the nomination! BC
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    Whiskey II lefty

    Tumbled zirc bolster, LSCF Vid via Arron Shapiro Cheers! BC
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    Whiskey 2

    Thanks fellas! Here's another one I just finished up yesterday. This was my first knife with a bolster. Very time consuming but a great learning experience.
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    Whiskey 2

    The guys at Point Seven Studios do an awesome job. 9.5" OAL 4.25" Blade S35VN stainless blade Ti lock side Lighting strike CF in Ti liner presentation side Cheers
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    Coye 105

    Thanks fellas!
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    Coye 105

    Model 105 with Tiger Shark acid wash finish. Cheers! BC
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    Coye Model GK1

    Made a few of these the other day. Thanks for looking!
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    Black rifle picture thread

    The black rifles with the bright orange safety cap on the muzzle are okay to post here too. :) AK105 5.45x39 cal 12.5" bbl folding stock Who's next?
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    Kit up!

    Recent write up from a local writer.
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    Wannamaker Arms Show It's a good one!
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    First Knife in a LOOOOONG TIME!!!

    Good looking knife! A great cause indeed.
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    Elmax Linerlocks

    Nicely done sir!
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    New guy from Oklahoma.

    You made it! Welcome to Knife Dogs
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    My First Knife Sale!

    Congratulations! It all changes as soon as someone gets out their wallet. It's a bigger responsibility than most people realize.