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    No-Weld Butt Cap

    Awesome idea thanks Bigjohn
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    Question about threaded butt cap

    Man is this a great thread. That link that C Craft included is perfect for a handle I couldn't figure out. I tapered a tang just a bit to thin for my liking on a big skinning knife. So I ground the edge a bit and sent it to heat treat anyway. I was just gong to complete it with a short handle, I...
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    Boot knife kwaiken {The Bootken}

    I like it , nice work
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    Tony Miller Knives

    Beautiful design and great pic!
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    Is it cheating?

    Good comments all, Transparancy is the key!....honesty and full disclosure of all details will protect not only your individual part in this business, but will also protect the industry as a whole. Consumers and especially collectors will leave our industry if the knifemaker can't be,trusted...
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    Double guard and framed handle, rear bolsters too

    Bruce, I love this thread, I learned so much, thank you for taking the time. And your knife as always is fantastic.
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    Pretty little hunter

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    Knife #11 Finished

    Killer lines and great execution....nice sheath too.
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    A few more new ones...

    J, looking good, the Bowie is my favorite.
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    New pieces off the mountain...

    Looking good J
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    "The Susquehanna River" Bowie (photo heavy)

    Hey J , your getting the knife thing down for sure! This thing is beautiful. Ill write you soon. Bigjohn
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    Hi from Virginia

    Hey george long time no still up there making knives the hard way in a cold place......
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    need quick Bader III feedback

    Hi guys, my 2 cts....I bought a BMII in 1982 with 2 hp ,,,still running , bought a BMIII in 2003 with 2hp Variable slow speed motor.....definatley a slight learning for me as the new machine was much quieter and smoother running...I even called the company and asked if its too slow at top...
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    Hi from Virginia

    just found this site, I like what I see so far....thanks