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    Hello from Southern California!

    howdy and welcome!
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    New Cold Steel Kukri & custom sheath

    This is still available.
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    custom sheath worn 2 ways

    Let us see how yours turns out!
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    custom sheath worn 2 ways

    No, I don't mind if you use it. Thanks for asking!
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    New Cold Steel Kukri & custom sheath

    I have a new Cold Steel Kukri (regular, not magnum) with one of my custom leather sheaths for sale. It comes with the factory sheath too, but boy, is it wimpy. The loops are made to fit the Armageddon fire steel and Mag. bar found here...
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    custom sheath worn 2 ways

    Here is a sheath I designed and made. It can be worn either vertical, or semi-horizontal. This one is for the RAT-4 but this design could work for almost any knife. I have done some testing of this sheath, and the design is quite strong. I'd like to know what you think about it.
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    RAT-5 Super Sheath

    Thanks for the pos. feedback. I enjoy making something kinda differant every now and then.
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    Howdy and welcome!!!
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    Hi everyone!

    Howdy and welcome!!!
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    Greetings y'all from Florida

    Howdy and welcome!!!
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    Knifemaker from Maine

    Howdy and welcome!!!
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    Clearance Sale on Knives & Sheaths

    Somebody changed their mind on #3, it is still available.
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    Greetings from Texas

    Howdy and welcome!!!
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    Poco's other half

    Howdy and welcome!!!
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    Greetings from the bottom of the planet

    Howdy and welcome!!!