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    A Question About Folder

    Additionally, look at the precision of your whole process. Be sure your drill press or mill is dead perpendicular to your work. Ream your pivot hole to an interference fit then use an adjustable lapping reamer to take out the last half thousandths so pivot has no slop. What helped me get blades...
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    SS Spacers in Full-Tang Knives

    Right hidden pin the center section, and thru-pin a bolster of wood or metal on front of stack, and a pommel-like pieces on either side of butt end which are also through pinned.
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    SS Spacers in Full-Tang Knives

    Glue up a stack of spacers, wood, antler, etc then band saw the stack in half and mount on either side of the full tang- I find this easiest way.
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    Assisted Tac and Elk

    Thanks for the feedback guys.
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    Assisted Tac and Elk

    Finally finished these 2 assisted openers after long time off getting new shop set up. The tactical has a 4.5" 3/16 D2 blade and don't recommend this big of a blade as first assisted opener project as it is a lot of steel to move and the ball bearings changed to spring design. The TI-Elk one was...
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    First flipper

    Looks like it works great and with that steel should be a great EDC well done.
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    From South Alabama, Trying to find out about a knife that I'm bidding on

    That maker, Raymond Richard, is a Knife Dog and you can ask him questions about it if want. All I know he makes some of the cleanest and nicest forged knives I've ever seen and produces one of a kind excellent pieces, and his leatherwork is uniquely beautiful. Thank you for your service too.
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    Target hardness for A2...

    Hollow ground blades slice a little better than flat ground because of the thinness of the blade right behind the cutting edge which means less drag in the material being cut. The trade off is they are slightly weaker due to this thinness so you have to match the grind to the purpose of the...
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    Target hardness for A2...

    For smaller knives I would go for the higher attainable hardness to get the edge retention, but not so hard that it can't be easily field sharpened.
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    Welcome NRA Dave. I hope you find your WWII pieces soon.
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    Hello Knife Dogs Community

    Welcome and will check out your blanks.
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    Welcome Steven to KD and hope you enjoy your stay. Lots of bowie guys here.
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    New member from westernPA

    Welcome Rod. Lots of good stuff for the beginner here, and for advanced too. Hope to see some of your work.
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    Welcome to KD Michael. Hope to see a forged blade from you soon. Paul
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    Morland Picture Gallery

    Wow Dennis those are all super nice- liking the EGA sheath and the blackwood a lot, and also digging the jigged bone with hamon quite a bit. Conrats on the newbie site graduation:D!!