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    2. Smallshop
      Dec 8, 2017 at 1:40 PM
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  4. Joetrain
    New knife after a 3 year hiatus... seriously can't wait for a new forge
  5. KenH
    KenH JawJacker
    Send email to the email address listed.
  6. KenH
    KenH JawJacker
    The ricasso is normally a good spot, but with the handle installed the diamond point will not be able to get to the spot. On a completed knife, it would need a flat spot on the blade above the bevel. A full flat grind doesn't have any flat spots to test. If the handle has not been installed, most any place and be tested. The test WILL leave a dimple in the blade at each test spot.
  7. KenH
    KenH JawJacker
    In a post you mentioned a desire to send a knife to someone to do a Rc testing on. If you wish to ship to Alabama I'll be happy to test it. I've got the Grizzly HR150 Clone Rc tester and would be happy to rest it for you. It will require the blade to have a flat spot that the point can get to.
    Ken H>
    1. JawJacker
      Sounds great, knife was never handled so it should be no problem. I made it to use in the shop, test piece.I am curious of the RC and have been using the same recipe and I would appreciate knowing where its at on the scale. Where shall I send it?
      Oct 15, 2017
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    Sagi Bialik
    Knives Swords & EDC user and collector
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    Just starting out in the knife making business. Any advice is definitely appreciated!
  15. Rick Otts
    Rick Otts EdCaffreyMS
    Hey Ed I am sure you go through a lot of drill bits have you tried any of those shapeners for bits? And wat are your thoughts on a mill that go"s on a drill press? I wasn't looking to due fancy work with it only groves in the blades.Thanx Rick
  16. Rick Otts
    Rick Otts Self Made Knives
    Hey did you ever checkout the dust collectors that hang from the ceiling from harbor frt? another knife maker Ekim uses one and did a video on it looks good !
    1. Self Made Knives
      Self Made Knives
      Yeah, I looked at a bunch. I went with the bigger one since I want to hook it up to at least 3 machines. Haven't installed it yet though, so no opinion yet.
      Aug 22, 2017
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    2. Rick Otts
      Rick Otts
      Well if things go right I will get my Pheer grinder and that air cleaner I got a small shop 12x 10 maybe in my basement no windows a small room :)
      Aug 22, 2017
  17. Rick Otts
    Rick Otts luciusx5
    Hey guy are you sure that is a personalizer plus or was it their brand beacuse I got on there site and they don't handle the personalizer plus but the one they had looked nice.
    1. luciusx5
      Hi Rick, Sorry if I wasn't clear about the equipment. I ordered the Personalizer Plus from Pop's Knife Supply and the stencil making kit from Martronics Corporation.
      Aug 21, 2017
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    how to PM!
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